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By bbbunny - Posted on 26 April 2010

I came across the term "Gracinas" in the LDS records today. It was placed in lieu of a birth date under the "Events" section of a marriage record (the marriage details were all there).

Not being entirely conversant in Spanish, I looked the word up in my dictionary and found nothing. I know there are more experienced minds at work on this list and so hope to prevail upon your expertise for an answer/definition/history/explanation, etc. of this terminology and its application in this record.

You're all the best, and your help greatly appreciated!


Hi Annette,

I'm not sure if this would make any sense in your research, especially since you say that you found this word in lieu of a birth date. This term has been used to say "thank you" rather than saying "Gracias". It is widely used to date in Spain.

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