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MTDNA entry from GeneTree results to the Sorenson database

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By gpaez - Posted on 01 April 2010

I received my MTDNA results from GeneTree and I don't know what data to enter in the Sorenson database to look for matches. Can any one give me a hand with this? I would really appreciate it.
My Haplogroup is B2 and the results are as follows.

location 16182 16183 16189 16217 16274 16519 73 263 315.1 334 499
your sequence C C C C A C G G C C A
reference A A T T G T A A -- T G


Hi Gilbert, Did you ever get your answer? I recently got back on Nuestros Ranchos and started going thru the Forum. I noticed there was no response to you. I know its been a while since you question. FYI, I had both my y-DNA and mtDNA done with Genetree. -Jaime

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