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Victoriano Huerta's Genealogy - Marquez de los Olivos

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By arturoramos - Posted on 11 November 2009

I have been working for some time on documenting the ancestors and descendants of Victoriano Huerta. I have put my research online and have had a number of people contact me about it, including a professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California who is writing a biography of Victoriano Huerta and who found a number of the documents there very useful.

I am stuck on his mother's lineage, which I am convinced comes from the Marquez de los Olivos, but I have been unable to find the parents of the earliest documented ancestor (Felipe Marquez de los Olivos who was born circa 1700 and married Francisca Xaviera Sanchez probably in Tlaltenango).

If anyone has any insights into this I would greatly appreciate them.


He estado trabajando durante algún tiempo en la documentación de los antepasados y descendientes de Victoriano Huerta. He puesto mi investigación en la red y han tenido un número de personas en contacto conmigo al respecto, incluyendo un profesor de la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California que está escribiendo una biografía de Victoriano Huerta y que encontró un número de documentos muy útiles.

Estoy estancado en el linaje de su madre, quien estoy convencido proviene de la Márquez de los Olivos, pero no he podido encontrar los padres del antepasado documentado mas antiguo (Felipe Márquez de los Olivos, que nació alrededor de 1700 y se casó con Francisca Xaviera Sánchez probablemente en Tlaltenango) .

Si alguien tiene ideas sobre este tema por favor dejenme saber.


No se si esta persona es pariente suyo pero parece que si.

Ana Josepha Ysidora Marques Sanches

Bautizada en San Luis,Colotlan,Jalisco,Mexico el 2 Enero 1760

Numero de pelicula: 0443673, Numero de Batch C602863

Padre: Xavier Marques de los Olivos
Madre: Maria Sanches

(no vi la pelicula)

Joseph Marques De Los Olibos se caso con Monica Josepha Rosales
en San Luis, Colotlan, Jalisco, Mexico, entre 1720-1751
numero de rollo 0443781, Numero de Batch M604651

La base de datos no tenia la fecha del matrimonio y no eh visto el original


I was hoping that someone else would add additional information to your posting.
The following individual might be another daughter of Phelipe and Francisca (her brother was married in this town and another brother had at least one child there):

Ana De Sn. Joachin Marques Sanches
Christened: 25 October 1722 San Luis,Colotlan,Jalisco,Mexico
Father: Phelipe Marques
Mother: Franca. Xaviela Sanches
Film:0443671 Batch: C602861 years 1718 - 1743

I was curious if she had her grandparents listed on her christening record so I took a peak; she does not. pg 94 if I recall. I can send you a copy if you like. You might want to look at the Marriage Batch number for the same locality.

I would be looking for the marriage, christening of children, and possibly his and her christening (depending on findings) in: San Luis,Colotlan,Jalisco,Mexico

good luck!

Saludos desde Lago Salado

Eduardo H Seoane


Sorry the films start in 1718 they where probably married before that date since one of there children is being married in 1832.

In FamilySearch there is a marriage of Phelipe Marques to JNA. JETRUDIS DE LUNA
Marriage: 12 MAY 1727 San Luis, Colotlan, Jalisco, Mexico
Film: 0443781 Batch: M604651 years 1720 - 1751

This might be a second spouse so I would look at the marriage record it will indicate if he was previously married. If his first wife did pass away he would have remarried quickly since he had young children at home.

Saludos desde Lago Salado

Eduardo H Seoane


Thank you for your help. There are actually records for Colotlan dating back to the 1660s but they were not filmed by the LDS Church and now the priest in Colotlan won't let people look at them. Select records were transcribed by Esteban Valdes but the marriage in question is not in there. I was hoping it might show up in neighboring Tlaltenango, which was the main market town of the area...

As with Miguel Hidalgo, most history books have erroneous information on Victoriano Huerta's birthdate and sometimes even his parents' names. I got into an editing war on Wikipedia over it that didn't end even after I posted his baptism certificate which was even annotated for when the record transcription was sent to Mexico City...

Hi Arturo, where is it possible to look at these transcriptions or non filmed information?

It would be of great help.


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The transcriptions done by Don Esteban Valdes of the unfilmed Colotlan records can be found in his book: Historia de Totatiche, Tomo I...

Is there a particular family that you are interested in researching?

I may actually have an extra copy or two of the book in Washington.

I am comparing the two Mac genealogy software programs, Heredis and Reunion.
Does anyone have any feedback/preferences on these products?
-Esperanza Pallana

I have both and they're both hard to use. So I only rarely use
them...I have to determine, I'm going to spend a loooooong time
entering my data. Marge:)

On Nov 16, 2009, at 11:45 AM, Esperanza Pallana wrote:

I am comparing the two Mac genealogy software programs, Heredis and
Does anyone have any feedback/preferences on these products?
-Esperanza Pallana

Esperanza I have MacFamilyTree and that is a very hard program to
use(for me). Wish you luck.

Daniel Esparza
On Nov 16, 2009, at 9:45 AM, Esperanza Pallana wrote:

> Hello,
> I am comparing the two Mac genealogy software programs, Heredis and
> Reunion.
> Does anyone have any feedback/preferences on these products?
> -Esperanza Pallana

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