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Research Digest, Vol 40, Issue 21

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By rabbitnz02 - Posted on 27 May 2009

Hello to all.? My name is Tracey

I am doing some genealogical research for a friend who is chinese and mexican american.? I am looking for infrmation regarding Eduardo Cruz and Rocio Cruz who are the parents of Blas Cruz Cruz.? His chinese ancestors came out from Canton in the early 1900's.? Francisco Ham married Maria Long and their son Carlos married Martha Garcia.? Martha's parents were Eduardo Garcia and Ana Cervantez.? You can find more information with this direct link:


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Subject: Research Digest, Vol 40, Issue 21

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1. Re: The S?nchez de Mendoza Family (Daniel M?ndez del Camino)


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Date: Sat, 23 May 2009 15:57:20 -0700
From: Daniel M?ndez del Camino
Subject: Re: [Nuestros Ranchos] The S?nchez de Mendoza Family
To: Patty Hoyos
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Please Eloise send me a copy, i was stuck on this line b/c someone on genealogia
de Mexico stated thar Bartolome Martin del campo was son of juan Martin del
Campo and Antonia Atolini. Bartolome was said to have been from Palencia in los
Reino de Castilla, but there isnt evidence ive seen? Have you been able to find
a marriage for him and Maria Sanchez?

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> Date: Sat, 23 May 2009 17:36:57 -0400
> From:
> Subject: Re: [Nuestros Ranchos] The S?nchez de Mendoza Family
> Daniel,
> I have reviewed the baptism registry for Bartolome Martin. Source 0227520,
Batch J605093, Dates 1544-1608, Sagrario Metropolitano. It is dated September
11, 1567. Father: Pablo Martin, Mother: Maria de Campos: Padrinos: Antonio
Perez y su mujer Leonor Marquez. In the same film I found Maria Martin dated
July 23 1573. It is too hard to read the rest of the entry on Maria but I can
see that the
parents are also Pablo Martin and Maria de Campos. My guess,
without further investigation, is that Bartolome Martin and Bartolome Martin del
Campo are the same. I tried to attach it to an earlier message, but was
unsuccessful. I also tried to download it through "Create Content." If you do
not already have it, I can e-mail it to you directly.
> Eloise Reyes
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> Sent: Fri, 22 May 2009 10:08 pm
> Subject: [Nuestros Ranchos] The S?nchez de Mendoza Family
> Hello, Im just putting this out here does anyone know who is Bartholom? Mart?n
who married Mar?a S?nchez de Mendoza daughter of Marta S?nchez de Mendoza and
Juan S?nchez de Lara back in the earyl 1600s and late 1590s? Is Bartholom?
Mart?n the same as Bartholom? Mart?n del campo? -Daniel

Arturo, I received this message. My name is Rosie. I believe it was intended for Tracy. My family is not from Atoyac and the message does not apply to me.

Rosie Cordova

PS I am looking for Gama's from Tamazula and Sal Miguel el Alto, Jal.

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Sent: Wed, 27 May 2009 3:18 pm
Subject: [Nuestros Ranchos] Your genealogy

Welcome to the group. Rather than posting this to the whole list, I thought it would be more appropriate to write you personally.?
Please do not reply to the digest messages without changing the title of the email and without culling all of the message, except that which is relevant to your message. In your case, it seems that none of it was. You should really send a fresh message with an appropriate title to the group, i.e. "Introduction" or "Looking for Information on Atoyac lineage", etc.?
Also, your request is not very clear... there are no dates or place names which are crucial to genealogy... without them names mean nothing. The chart you have submitted also does not seem to make sense as it is not possible to tell who is whose child, which should be easily trackable with the numbering system of an Ahnentafel chart.?
I am sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, it is not meant as such, but rather as an effort to raise the level of the discussion so that other members can understand your request and help you.?

My research in Aguascalientes (primarily San José de Gracia and Rincón
de Romos) has led me to begin transcribing some of the images. I am
doing this currently with Christening records from 1729-1763. I
consider these to be "interpretations" of original records, because of
necessity (and experience) I am doing a lot of interpreting what I
see, such as expanding known abbreviations, supplying missing letters
based on my familiarity with the names and places of the area,
"interpreting" hard-to-read handwriting, etc. I believe these
interpretations are accurate. I am interpreting each and every record,
skipping none.

A typical interpretation from Santiago de Guadalupe reads something
like this:

"En la Hazienda de Santiago feligresia de la Villa de Aguascalientes
en veynte y seis de Agosto 1736 ... Maria de Guadalupe, india
originaria de el Pueblo de San Joseph hija legitima de Salbador
Gonzales y Angela Gertrudis vezinos de dicho pueblo, fueron sus
padrinos Juan de Dioz y Margarita Bar____"

where the ellipses represent skipped boilerplate verbage (it is a
christening record, so you pretty much know what it says) and the
underscores represent obviously missing letters that are hidden in the
gutter of the bound volume and can only be guessed ... in this case
the name is probably Bartola or Bartolomé. About half of these records
also have the age at christening or the actual birthdate.

each record would also supply the image filename and source

Would these be of interest to the group? It is easiest for me to
supply them in a sequence of text messages, sent once each day or two,
let someone else archive them if they desire. I typically do a dozen
or more each day. When I finish a section I may find the time to
upload them all at once in a text file, but there's no guarrantee that
will ever happen. All of the messages would have exactly the same
Subject line for easy spotting. I already have about 200 records

Best regards,

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