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Reorganizing the Albums Section

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By arturoramos - Posted on 06 April 2009

One of the issues that has come up with the upgrade of the site is the lack
of organization in the Albums section of the site.

I have contacted a number of you regarding albums that are marked private
and should really be public, in the sense that they do not contain photos of
people and would be valuable to non-members as resources. Examples of these
include screen shots of searching through the LDS website,
historical maps and photos of contemporary maps.

I have changed many of these photos previously marked private to public so
they are now viewable even by non-members. I will be sending personal
e-mails to those of you who have photos that are not in albums at all or are
in inappropriate albums, but I would appreciate if those members who have
uploaded photos could go to the site and check that:

1. Your photos are not orphaned, i.e. not in an album or in an inappropriate
2. If your album(s) or photo(s) are marked "Restricted" that they really
need to be marked as such. If your album is marked public, but all of the
photos are marked restricted, there is a problem. Either the album should
be private or the photos should be public.
3. You do not have a proliferation of albums in different spots for the same
type of content. Ideally a user should have a personal album in the
Members' Genealogical Scans and/or Member Photos album and other photos
should go into the common subject themed albums.

Thank you everyone for your help!


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