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Chihuahua, Catholic Church records online 1622 - 1958

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By Eduardo H Seoane - Posted on 31 March 2009

The Chihuahua, Catholic Church records from 1622 - 1958 are now available online. I am sure that they are not all inclusive since many records from all the states of México where missed when originally microfilmed.
The URL to access these records is:;c=1521780;t=browsable;w=0

Los registros de la Iglesia Católica de 1622 a 1956 de Chihuahua se pueden acceder en línea. Estoy seguro no es una lista completa de todos los registros eclesiásticos ya que muchos registros de los estados de México no fueron microfilmados originalmente. El URL para tener acceso a estos expedientes es:;c=1521780;t=browsable;w=0

Hi Eduardo, this sounds great I wonder when the church will release Jalisco, for alot of us Jalisco is a must! Almost all of my research is in Jalisco, with some Chihuahua (this made my day) Zacatecas, Guanajuato, Michoacán, pain and Portugal. I will soon check the new collection on Chihuahua, this saves us a bunch of money, and conveniance at home. Though true the church might not 100% but remember hearing when the missionaries arrived at civil registry and churches they would microfilm ANYTHING that was available. -Daniel

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It looks like the alphabet is being followed to some degree (no Baja), so who knows when Jalisco's records will be available. I do not expect states will be posted very much out of order, which is unfortunate for those from Zacatecas.


I also thought that the record images were being posted in alphabetical
order because Aguascalientes was first. However, as you pointed out, the
alphabet is only being followed to some degree. Baja California, Campeche
and Chiapas would have been next. I would hate to have to wait several
years for the records from Jalisco, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosí and Nayarit.
Maybe they have set other priorities. Here are the states in alphabetical

1) Aguascalientes ***
2) Baja California
3) Campeche
4) Chiapas
5) Chihuahua ***
6) Coahuila
7) Colima
8) Durango
9) Distrito Federal
10) Guanajuato
11) Guerrero
12) Hidalgo
13) Jalisco
14) México (Edo. de México)
15) Michoacán
16) Morelos
17) Nayarit
18) Nuevo León
19) Oaxaca
20) Puebla
21) Querétaro
22) Quintana Roo
23) San Luis Potosí
24) Sinaloa
25) Sonora
26) Tabasco
27) Tamaulipas
28) Tlaxcala
29) Veracruz
30) Yucatán
31) Zacatecas

Bill Figueroa

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