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Transition in power

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By Patricia Burton - Posted on 21 March 2009

Saturday, Mar 21, 2009

Fellow Historians--

I have always been told that the fall from world power for Spain was in 1588 because of the Spanish Armada. Perhaps there are other opinions and perhaps it depends on which part of the world you got your history lessons from? Comments?

Patricia Burton
San Diego, Ca.

--- On Sat, 3/21/09, Daniel M�ndez del Camino wrote:

> From: Daniel M�ndez del Camino
> Subject: Re: [Nuestros Ranchos] José Joseph
> To: "Patty Hoyos"
> Date: Saturday, March 21, 2009, 10:57 AM
> The Bourb~n reforms were an important time in Spanish
> History, they brought the french political ideas to Spain,
> how to run the govt, many laws passed, which eventually led
> to the downfall of the Spanish empire, the ideas of
> Montesquie, Locke, and many enlightenment thinkers reached
> New Spain, and ignited the revoultion against Spain. There
> are many books dedicated just to this period of time it
> started in the 1770's-ca. 1805 not sure extact on dates
> right now. -Daniel
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Hi Patricia, Spain was declining in the late 1700's and fell during the the early 1800's. The Independence of Mexico and the Conquest of Spain by Napoleon Bonaparte really cuased the last of the Spaniards. For one, Mexico was regarded as the main colony of wealth for Spain and when you have your country conquered (Spain) by the French the royal family fled to New Spain. Plus the Borbon reforms all these things caused Spain to fall. Yes the 1588 loss of the Spanish Armada did impact Europe. It changed how they saw the Spanish, their pride and image was destroyed but not their power. Ive only take a semester of spanish Iberian Studies. Ha Ha, i guess it is good to learn about all sorts of things. -Daniel

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