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Ancestors in Ocotlan, Jalisco...

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By Patricia Burton - Posted on 15 March 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dear Victoriano--

I checked one of my sources and found the following:

Joseph Maria NABARRO married
16 Jun 1766 in Ocotlan to
Fernanda Josepha SANABRIA

Their children appear to be:

Joseph Bernardino Senicio NAVARRO born
10 Jun 1767 in Ocotlan

Jop. Antto. Mathias NABARRO born
6 Mar 1771 in Ocotlan

Could these be yours? I could not get anywhere with your other names. Sorry.

Patricia Burton
in San Diego, Ca.

--- On Sat, 3/14/09, victorianonavarro wrote:

> From: victorianonavarro
> Subject: [Nuestros Ranchos] DNA Celtic and Spain
> To:
> Date: Saturday, March 14, 2009, 10:44 PM
> Hi all,
> I descend from the NAVARRO family from Coahuila, altough
> according to one source my great grandfather VICTORIANO
> NAVARRO came from OCOTLÁN, JALISCO (born about 1808; son of
> SEPEDA & ROSA SAUCEDO), however so far I have not
> confimed this Jalisco connection with any other documents.
> If anybody has any furhter information please let me know, I
> would really appreciate it. I got the Y-DNA test from
> NatGeo/FamilytreeDNA and we belong to the R1b1b2 Haplogroup.
> The FamilytreeDNA page has an "Ancestral Origins"
> section where they compare one's results to their
> database. According to therm:
> -Percentages above 2% are considered significant indicators
> of your family’s origins. -Percentages above 4% may be
> interpreted as highly significant indicators of your
> family’s origins.
> I don't have any matches on 25, 37 or 64 markers, but I
> have some on 12 markers (exact and one-step mutation
> results).
> On 12 markers, exact matches, none of them is above 0.1%,
> but on one-step mutations the highest % matches I have are
> 2% matches with the database from NORTHEN IRELAND (10 out of
> 493); compared to the database from IRELAND I only have 1%
> matches (103 out of 10,051).
> My results can be found at Gary Felix's Mexican DNA
> webpage and at Ysearch. There you can find other results
> from NAVARRO families fron JALISCO which are also R1b1b2 but
> that do not match each other nor my own. I was also
> remembering some Spaniards from Irish origin. The last
> Viceroy of New Spain was JUAN O'DONOJÚ and one of the
> leaders of Chile's Independence War was BERNANRDO
> Warmest regards,
> Victoriano Navarro

Dear Patricia,
Thanks for your message I don't really know for sure if I should be looking for VICTORIANO NAVARRO in Ocotlán.
I found the names of his parents and grandparents in al old family tree prepared in 1935 by one of his grandsons. Recently I was able to confirm the names of his parents (MARIA ENCARNACIÓN SEPEDA & DOMINGO NAVARRO) by finding baptism records of his chidren from northen Coahuila. I still have to find out whether the names of his grandparets (FERNANDA SARAVIA & JOSÉ MARÍA NAVARRO and RAFAEL SEPEDA & ROSA SAUCEDO) are aso correct or not.
I am trying to find a marriage or baptism record for Victoriano himself (hoping to find the names of his grandparents), then I would like to try to find the same for his parents, and only then I could make sure whether the records you mention do correspond or not to my ancestors.
The only source of information regarding Victoriano's Ocotlán origin is a book regarding the Madero famiy genealogy written by Carlos B Madero, the youngest brother of President Fco. Madero. I wonder if he was actually from some other town in Jalisco.
I know Victoriano was born about 1808, but I went to the IGI Indices of bapisms from Ocotlán around 1808 (found in this webpage) and I could not find his name. Do you or somebody else knows if these indices contain ALL the names included in the microfilms? Should I bother looking for his baptism record in these microfms if his name does not appear in the IGI indices?
Thanks again fo the information.
Warmest regards,
Victoriano Navarro

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