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New Member Introduction for Rudy Munoz

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By 5 MUNOZ - Posted on 05 August 2008

Good Evening,

I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself to the group. I have just recently begun to research my family roots. I am new to this so please be patient with me until I get up to speed with all of you!!! It has been a difficult task obtaining famly information since most of the family with the key information has passed on. The branch I am currently focusing on is for my Paternal Munoz & Macias lineage. My Grandfathers name was Jose Gutierrez Munoz who was born in Tlachichila, Zacatecas in 1897. My grandfathers parents names were Magdaleno Munoz & Nolberta Gutierrez. The only other info I have on this line is the name of my gg grandfather Rafael Gutierrez. From what I am told Rafael had two wives. However, no one remembers their names! Any help with this branch would be very welcome. Nolberta Gutierrez had siblings by the names of: Margarita, Thomasa, Basilia & Rafael. Magdaleno Munoz had only one sister by the name of Diega who married a Santellan.

I have had much better luck with my Macias lineage! This branch of the family seems to have resided in Villa Hidalgo, Teocaltiche, San Juan de los Lagos & Lagos de Moreno areas of Jalisco. I have also tracked down family records from Aguascalientes. The family names from this lineage are as follows: Macias, Olmos, Pedroza, Aguallo, Ruiz, Garcia, Estrada, Limon, Quesada, Calvillo, Luera, Villanueva, Chavez, Esparza, Aguilar and /or Avelar and Villavicensio. I am currently at the early 1800's with this branch.

I look forward to participating in your discussions. I have learned a great deal from your recent discussions regarding research. Any input and corrections are always welcome.

Rudy Munoz - Phoenix, AZ


Finally! I believe I have a hit with someone in the group! Yes Esperanza, I do have information on this line to share with you. Your Timoteo Limon was brother to my GGG Grandfather Victor Limon. Timoteo's and Victor's Parents were Jose Carlos Limon & Maria Gertrudis. I believe Maria Gertrudis was a Quesada. I still have not hit the birth records for this line but do have a copy of the Marriage record of Jose Limon and Maria Gertrudis Quesada to share with you if you like. In addition, Tiburcia Estrada is also in my direct family line. Her parents were my GGGGrandparents Jose Nicolas Estrada and Maria Encarnacion Chavez. I do not have any marriage info on these grandparents yet. I too am also new to this. I am willing to help you out with whatever I can. Let me know!

Rudy Munoz - Phoenix Arizona

---- Esperanza wrote:
> Hello Rudy,
> I just started my own genealogy research. I have found an ancestor by the name of Guillermo Estrada Limon born 1834 in Teocaltiche to Timoteo Limon and Tiburcia Estrada. Guilllermo Limon married Margarita Macias in 1862. They had a son by the name of Sabino but I have no record of him. I only know that he married Andrea Esparza who I also have no record of.
> I am looking for any information and records that may help me fill in the connections for the Limon, Macias, and Estrada family in Teocaltiche.
> -Esperanza

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