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Luna & Magallanes in Moyahua De Estrada, Zacatecas

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By reye611 - Posted on 22 July 2008

Hello all, just started looking a little further into my grandmother's (father's side) Luna line and have already run into a little snag. I thought I would throw it out there in case anyone recognizes something.

My grandmother was named Juana Magallanez Luna (1/6/1904 – March 1983) with the follwing info:

According to original Civil documents she was from Moyahua De Estrada, Zacatecas, was born on January 6, 1904. Per the same original civil documents, her mother was Albina Magallanez and was 35
years of age around her birth which means she was born around 1865. Juana's father was C. Florencio Luna (age 36 around 1864). Same records also show Florencio Luna’s parents to be Domingo Luna & Julia Avila. Records show parents of Albina Magallanez to be Guillermo Magallanez & Maria Trinidad Benavides. Now when I search throught the LDS system, under vital records (Batch #M643958, Film #1162574), I come up with a Florentino Luna (born 1861) who was married to a Alvina Magallanes
on April 27, 1881 in Moyahua, Zacatecas, Mexico. The records states that Alvina Magallanes was 15 years old when married which would put her DOB at around 1864, around the same time as the original civil document I cited. The LDS records state that Florentino Luna’s parent were Domingo Luna & Juana Garcia. On the original civil document cited above, Florencio’s parents were listed as Domingo Luna & Julia Avila, not Juana Garcia. Also, the parents of Alvina Magallanes are listed as Sesario Magallanes and Trinidad Benavides. ON the original Civil document, the father is listed as Guillermo Magallanez not Sesario Magallanes, yet the mother is listed the same as Trinidad Benavides. I think it would be too much of a coincidence if this was a different Florencio Luna and Alvina Magallanes. However, Alvina's father does not match up and Florencio's mother does not match up. Could not find anything else. I have records at the Family History Center on order, but I thought I would throw it out there and give it a shot.


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