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By Pat Silva Corbera - Posted on 20 April 2008

Hello Ronnie and Irene,

My husband's maternal great-grandmother Maria Aniseta Losano Aguirre bapt 20 April 1829 Nochistlan was married to a Domingo Lomelin on 27 Nov 1857 (IGI M606263 Nochistlan). This couple were the parents of Agustin Aguirre Lomeli (IGI J606246 Nochistlan).
Maria's second marriage on 28 Dec. 1864 was to Jose Victoriano Rodriguez Perez, they were the parents of Jose Fernando Aguirre Perez (my husband's maternal grandfather).

This ancestral line is posted in the GEDCOM section of Ranchos...
Corbera, Pat Silva (View in Gedcom Area; Rancho de Los Pintos Parroquia de Momax, Zacatecas; more)

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From: Ronald Reynoso

> Hola Irene,My name is Ronnie Reynoso, I too have several Lomeli,Lomellini.and
> Lomelin ancestors,which are the sames tree. Starting with Carlos Lomellini and
> wife Maria Benavides married in 1609 Nochistitlan. Are you of the same branch ?
> If I was betting man, odds are almost certain.
> Ronnie Reynoso


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