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"The Rulebook"

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By mendezdetorres - Posted on 23 January 2008

I hope you all who requested this got an idea in my previous post how life and family was along time ago. I too, find it very awkward and confusing. Well the fact is there wasnt really a rulebook, it was more of a i dont think system is a good word, but it was a...i cant find the word, but system is close enough. Let us take the Camino and Vásquez families. The Caminos from Mariáno or his father Eúgenio. And the Vásquez from Pablo Básquez-Ruíz de Esparza. Mariáno had 13 children and Pablo had 8. Lets say, a María Camino married José Básquez. and Salvador Camino married Mariána Básquez. Each Camino or Básquez are siblings. María Camino's daughter Josefina Básquez would marry her cousin Pancho Camino, son of Salvador and Mariána. Each family at least married once or twice in thier own family. But never with their identical cousin, like if Salvador Camino and Celso Camino, children were two marry, it wouldnt take place. It had to be children of sibling of the opposite gender. Like Salvador and María Camino's children were able to marry. We think maybe this was dont because the same gender of parents would cause the children to deform? Im not sure either. Then their children started to marry within other family like the Robles, García and Rentería families. The other families also followed this system of opposite gender siblings. 30 years later we had Camino marrying a Camino and a Camino marrying a García, the Camino child of the first would married the other coples Camino child then Camino on...Another reason why our family did this is because the main original pueblo of the Hacienda, was in the Valley, which is 20 miles from the capital of Huanusco. They
didnt bother to go so far too marry. So they stayed their and found their spouse "Their Cousin". My mom's pedigree has the same people multiple times. I come from D. Theódoro García de León about 16 times! My Grandfather is the nephew of my grandmother's mother! I hope you guys have learned more about me and my fun fun family. -Dániel Méndez del Camino


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