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Teocaltiche: Leathercraft Y Los Rodriguez (M.Vallazza)

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By drortiz - Posted on 10 December 2007

I'm not related either -- that I know of. But I'd love to hear how the
story pans out -- and I too live in the Inland Empire of southern California
in the city of Rancho Cucamonga.

~Deena Ortiz~

> This is an interesting post. It contains enough history to intrigue
> me; unfortunately, I'm not related. Marge:)
> On Dec 9, 2007, at 8:42 PM, SylviaRodriguezRobles wrote:
>> I live in the Inland Empire of Southern California. My grandfather
>> and all of his siblings fled (because of the Mexican
>> Revolution)Teocaltiche in 1917 for Peach Springs, Arizona and
>> ultimately permanently settling in Needles, CA.
>> We were told they all fled because they were forced to make saddles
>> and other leather goods such as holsters for Pancho Villa's "Posse." I
>> know from reading history now that General Carranza had orders to kill
>> any Villa symphathizers..I do not know if he is the culprit, other
>> than they fled for their lives under threat of harm.
>> I just bought and recieved Nicolas Sanchez De Anda's book:
>> "Teocaltiche: La Importancia De Sus Hijos."
>> I have a small book I bought in 1997 while visitng Teocaltiche, same
>> author, "Teocaltiche: Tierra de Arrieros Y Hacendados Con Familias
>> Ilustres." I bought it from the town cronista who is also the author's
>> uncle?
>> Page 25 list my great grandfather Mauro Rodriguez as one of the most
>> well known Talabarteros-leathercraftsmen of the present and last
>> century.
>> Interestingly, I have met on two occasions young women who are
>> Rodriguez from the same town with the same history of leathercraftsmen
>> in ther family history. They are, however, recent immigrants with
>> closer ties to their history. I am the lost tribe I guess. I was
>> treated as a real surpise when I asked the cronista for information on
>> the Rodriguez who were leather craftsmen in town named Rodriguez.
>> First, I was told I could not be from that family, so I said fine give
>> me the other Rodriguezes. No no other just us.
>> I would like to share this tie with Nicolas De Anda. I mean 80 years
>> of a gap and finding each other just randomly in town. It would be fun
>> to document the tie.
>> Other names were included as working in thie craft: Aguilera, Arroyo,
>> Garcia, Gonzalez, Rameriz, Sandoval, Rodriguez-Ruiz.
>> Are any of you out there?
>> Sylvia Rodriguez Robles

I live in Grand Terrace. It is great to meet you and I will tell you how the story ends.

Sylvia Rodriguez Robles

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