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By makas_nc - Posted on 24 September 2007

This person would like to know about the Villasenor/Cervantes/Lara
ancestral lines. You can either email me your replies or to the group
and I'll forward the messages.




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I see that there is no real headway with my desire to seek my mother's
ancesters through you, so I will then approach my communications with
you with an interest in the Jalisco research. I am submitting my
portion of my research dealing with 3 generations of Micheles if you are
willing to show me what research your organization has on the
Villasenor/Cervantes/Lara ancestral line which I need to begin to
complete this line of my ancestry. Let me know what you are willing to
part with, but it is this line of ancestry that I am most interested in
because this is the line that takes us into the European line of
connected ancestry. Let me hear from you soon. Just as soon as I hear
from you I will send you the 3 generations of Michel ancestry.
Primarily what I am interest in at this point is to hear that you do
have research on this line of ancestry leading into the European
ancestral line.

Juan Andres Michel