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Obtaining a batch number through the LDS Family History Center

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By Rose Hardy - Posted on 12 September 2007

Hello All,

There is a batch number listing on microfiche that is called "Parish and Vital Records List". The copy I have has the date July 1998.(I only copied a portion of the film I needed). I believe that is the last time the LDS church put it out before becoming computerized. Before computers the IGI was on Microfiche....and most family history centers keep on file the old fiche.

If you go in and ask for the Parish and Vital Records List don't be surprised if the volunteers don't know what your talking about. Most have only been trained on how to work the computer, help fill out order sheets and the like. Most of them do not know about using the old microfiche or what the library has in stock regarding records....unless that have worked on their genealogy and are familiar with their center.

If you don't find the help you want, start looking in the micro sheet drawers.

The Project is the batch number

Here is an example of what this microfiche has on it.........hope this comes out correctly in this posting

Mexico Parish and VItal Records List July 1998 Page.....

County Town/Parish Period Recd Printout Project Source
From - To Type Call No. Call No.

AGS Calvillo, San Jose 1798-1806 CHR NON J60267-2 0635762

Not all batch numbers are on the IGI, only ones where films were extracted. Above the batch number is J602672, if this does not work try K602672 or C602672. Sometimes early on the sex of the child was seperated by either J or K. Later the church combined them into using C in the beginning of the numbers.

Hope this helps.

Rose Gonzales-Hardy

Here is a better example of the Parish and Vital Records List

by the way the Source Call No. is the film number

Mexico...............Parish and Vital Records List......Jul 1998

............................................From/To...Type...Call No....................Call No.

AGS......Calvillo, San Jose.1798-1805..CHR...None.....J602672..0635792

I hope this example comes out better

R. Gonzales-Hardy

I wanted to add something that new members or people just starting to use the Familysearch online site should know, not all names are online even when you have a batch number. If you found the correct film and batch number but found nothing online it just means you should double check by ordering the film and going through it frame by frame. I've found many family members who were not listed online. So many names were mispelled or just not legible plus there is nothing like the feeling of finding it yourself.

Linda in B.C.

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