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Where can i Find her info?

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By conrique - Posted on 05 June 2007


Yes, the baseline for inquiry/research for (Toribio and Isabel) birth dates
is 1520 to 1530, and we need to recognize that, this was the very start of
the colonization of the Nueva Espana (Mexico). So, availability of records
in Mexico for that time is almost nonexistent; - - - and it is also quite
likely that Toribio and Isabel were born in Spain.

[Cuauhtemoc's surrender occurred in 1521]
[The Viceroyalty was not created until 1523, and the first Viceroy did not
arrive until 1535]

Therefore, like all genealogical investigations about this era, it would
seem best to pursue this research with a bi-directional strategy: (1)
births, marriages, and transit from Spain (into Mexico), during the
approximate 1500 to 1550 time span, --- and (2) looking for ancestry
information in the very sparse Mexican records of events from about 1540
or so.

Since we believe that Toribio and Isabel were from "noble" families, it
might also be fruitful to look for information about them --- and their
families --- in historical and migration "writings" about that era.

These are the areas where I will be looking/researching, --- but you may
get there first !! In any event, we can share our findings along the way.

Good luck !


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> Hello Efrain, Thanks for your help, I was wondering since I have extra
> where would or where do you think her records would be also that of
Toribio Hernandez? Mexico City, or Aguascalientes? since its ca. 1530 it
should me Mexico City or in that region.
> Daniel Alejandro Mendez del Camino


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