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The Esparzas in Jalisco

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By mendezdetorres - Posted on 31 May 2007

Does anyone have info on the patriarch of the Ruiz de Esparza line in Jalisco, IGI starts showing them in Jalisco about the mid 1670's in Jalisco. I found my Simon Ruiz de Esparza it appears as he came from Teocaltiche, Jalisco to Calvillo, Aguas. and found there marriage now. I have seen different records for Juana Maria and her last names appear different several times when the records were written? I wonder Why? Would anyone know the answer to this?

Simon Ruiz de Esparza
Juana Maria Yanez Or Nunez or Nanez
Marriage: 1 May 1800
Teocaltiche, Jalisco, Mexico

I supposed they moved to Calvillo, Aguas. about 1817-1820? Or So then they had Mariana Esparza Yanez? in Calvillo in 1824.


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