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For your amusement

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By nc_coleman - Posted on 10 May 2007

(This isn't really genenalogy - but it is a FAMILY story)
This past Saturday, my daughter dropped off her three oldest (ages 7, 5, and 2) for us to babysit. After playing outside for a while, the two older ones decided they wanted to watch a video - Disney's "Three Caballeros" (Donald Duck, Joe Carrioca, and ??? - I can't remember) - I haven't been able to figure out why they like this so - they have seen this a dozen times over the past 18 months. Anyway, after the movie, they wanted a snack, and while they were sitting around the table, Joey, the 7 yr old, started howling. I asked what all the noise was for - he said he was pretending to be a singing mariachi. This is what you must know about Joey's heritage: he is a combination of Irish, Lithuanian, Scots, English, Native American, Mexican ... y solo Dios sabe que mas. And yes, Joey has been exposed to mariachis in live performance, so he knew what he was trying to do.

OK - enough frivolity for now.

Natalie in VA


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