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By meef98367 - Posted on 11 March 2007


Thanks for posting the samples from the Indice (#0269867).

Just from browsing the scans you put up, I found several of the surnames in my husband's ancestry.

So, how do you know which subsequent film to order, since the indice only has a number and name for the fundacion [?], and the name of the agraciado [?], but no date of the land grant.

Emilie Garcia
Port Orchard, WA--


The index is arranges by "Book" with each book having a few years of land recordations. The FHL films do not seem to follow exactly the books since it appears that a book did not fit on a single film and so there are multiple films per book. The books in question that I uploaded are Libros 1 and 2.

Libro 1 is for 1584 through 1594, which I cannot remember if it is on 0277579, but I suspect it is.

Libro 2 is for 1694 through 1696 which I know corresponds to Film 0277580 because I read the beginning of that film and it matched the entries in the index for Libro 2.

Libro 3 I would imagine would be on Film 0277581 or 0277582, etc.
The entries within each book are clearly marked with a sequential number (matching the number in the index) and a short summary in the margin.

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