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URSUA Chabes, Luiz Joseph, c. 1730

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By gloriad648 - Posted on 06 February 2007

I'm hoping someone can help me find the baptismal date of: Luiz Joseph URSUA Chabes, c. 1730, español, originario y vecino de la Hacienda de San Bartolome, Aguascalientes, Ags. hijo legitimo de Juan ORSUA Chabes y Cayetana Maria CHABES Albares. [Luiz is aka Jossef Luiz de URCUA; Luiz Jossef VRSUA, VRZUA, HORZUA, etc.]

Luiz' known siblings: Maximiliana Antonia, 1715; Olaya, 1716; Maria, 1719; Monica Barbara, 1722; Ma. Antonia Cornelia, 1729; Lorenzo Joaquin, 1737. A tentative sibling: Maria de San Juan, wife of Francisco ROMO-DE VIVAR.

His first marriage: to Maria Raphaela Rita PONSE De Alba, mulata, hija legitima de Nicolas PONZE y Lorenza DE ALBA. 20 Apr 1750, La Asuncion, Ags, Ags, 5 known children

His second marriage: to Maria Seledonia de los Dolores MASIAS Gonsales, española, originaria y vecina de Ags en la Hacienda de San Bartolome, hija legitima de Christobal MASIAS Gomes y Gertrudis GONSALES. 6 Sep 1758, La Asuncion, Ags, Ags, 9 known children.

I've found over 15 ways that URSUA is spelled in the IGI, which makes this family extremely difficult to track, as anyone with URSUA in their lines already knows. Any help with Luiz would be very much appreciated.

Gloria D.

Hello, I just saw your message while searching for Ursua's on Nuestros Ranchos. I hope you see this message since you posted yours back in 2007. I have Ursua ancestors, and my research is leading me to Aguascalientes, and I do see your ancestors Luiz Joseph Ursua Chabes in my search. This is what I got. My first Ursua I found was Lugardo Ursua, born and married in Zacoalco de Torres, Jalisco, married to Juana Maria Nieves Garcia. His parents were Tomas de Ursua and Juana Maria Casiana Sanches, who came to the Zacoalco area between 1785 and 1788. They originally married in Aguascalientes on 14 nov 1773. Tomas' parents were Faustino de Ursua and Maria Peres. I have not been able to find Faustino's baptism, however, I was able to locate his death certificate and in there, it mentions that his parents were Juan Ursua and Cayetana Chavez and this family was from San Bartolome. Do you think my Faustino was brother to your Luis Joseph?

Saludos, Steve in NC


I too am reserching my Ursua ancestry and have the following information on this family:

Faustino de Ursua married Maria Perez (daughter of Juan Perez and Juliana Limon) on April 25, 1742 in Aguascalientes.,64894502,107332501

The marriage record has the following:
25 abril 1742: En la villa de Aguascalientes…asistí al matrimonio que en mi presencia y por palabras de presente celebraron Faustino de Ursúa, español, originario y vecino de esta jurisdicción en San Bartolomé, hijo legitimo de Juan de Ursúa y de Cayetana de Chávez con María Pérez, española, originaria y vecina de esta feligresía, hija legitima de Juan Pérez y de Juliana Limón…fueron sus padrinos Antonio Pérez y Bárbara de Ursúa

Antonio Perez is the bride's brother and Barbara de Ursua is the groom's sister.

Faustino's parents Juan de Ursua and Cayetana de Chavez married June 5, 1714 in Aguascalientes.

Their marriage record reads:
5 junio 1714: En la villa de Aguascalientes…asistí al matrimonio que por palabras de presente otorgaron Juan de Ursúa, español originario y vecino de esta feligresía en San Bartolomé, hijo natural de Agustín de Ursúa y de María Velázquez y Cayetana de Chávez, española, de esta feligresía en los Gallos, hija legitima de Juan de Chávez y de María Álvarez

I have eleven of their children:

1. Faustino

2. Maximiliana Antonia baptized 17 Sep 1715.

3. Olaya baptized 10 Dec 1716.

4. Maria baptized 11 Jan 1719.

5. another Maria baptized 4 abril 1721. I believe her padrino Juan de Ursua was her father's step brother.,64894502,67996701

6. Barbara Monica baptized 14 May 1722 and married Antonio Perez 12 February 1741 in Aguascalientes.,64894502,64944501

7. Luis Jose baptized 26 Sep 1723. His padrinos Manuel de Ursua and Petra de Ornelas (aka Perez) are my 7th great grand parents. Manuel and Luis's father Juan are step brothers.,64894502,67996701

Luis's baptism record reads:
26 septiembre 1723: En la villa de Aguascalientes…bauticé y puse los santos óleos a Luis José, español, hijo legitimo de Juan de Ursúa y de Cayetana Chávez. Fueron padrinos Manuel de Ursúa y Petra Pérez

8. Maria Antonia Cornelia baptized 04 Oct 1729 and died soon after and was buried 27 Nov 1729.,64894502,64956501

9. Maria Dolores baptized 19 Apr 1731.

10. Antonia Maxima baptized 15 Jul 1733.,64894502,67996701

11. Lorenzo Joaquin baptized 25 Aug 1737.,64894502,64970901

Our common ancestor Agustin de Ursua is the son of Martin de Ursua and Juana Sanchez. Juana Sanchez is the daughter of Francisco Sanchez Montes de Oca and Ana Tomasina Ruiz de Esparza. Ana Tomasina is the daughter of Lope Ruiz de Esparza and Ana Francisca de Gabay.

Hasta pronto.
Austin Perez

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