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re-introduction for Welester G. Alvarado

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By Welester - Posted on 01 February 2007

Quirian Saldivar Gomez ( my gg grandmother ) born Jan. 3rd 1821 in Villa de Santiago , married Candelario Alvarado Oct. 26 1844 in Villa de SantiagoJuan Jose Saldivar Rodriguez de Montemayor y Ayala my ggg grandfather from Guaxuco aka Villa de Santiago married Maria Ygnacia Gomez Alanis on Sept. 29 1817 also in Cauxco Jose Gregorio Saldivar de Montemayor my gggg grandfather from Cauxco married to Jacinta Rodriguez Ayala ( not sure if Monterrey or Cauxco married )Agustin Saldivar de la Garza my ggggg grandfather from from Cauxco married Ana Josefa Rodriguez de Montemayor Juan Saldivar Salinas my gggggg grandfather from Cauxco married Ysabel de la Garza Montemayor Agustin Saldivar Farias my ggggggg grandfather from Zacatecas married Ana SalinasVicente Zaldivar my gggggggg grandfather from Zacatecas married to Maria Farias Sosa So far that's all I have . On another note Villa de Santiag was called different names at different times , it was called CAUXCO , CAUJUCO , EL VALLE
UO , EL VALLE DE CUAJUCO and then Villa de Santiago . The name Caujuco comes from an indian that used to rob , enslave and kill the settlers early on , they then made an agreement with him to supply indian slaves for work . He did this until his own people killed him in front of his wife .
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