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Huizar families

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By oldcar53 - Posted on 29 January 2007


Do you have any genealogy software installed on your computer? If you don't you can go to and download the free PAF program through them. It is very easy to download and install, if I can do it I know anyone else can do it.

Good luck Michael,

San Jose, Calif

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Subject: [Nuestros Ranchos] Huizar families

Hello again! My name is Michael Huizar I do not know how to arrange my info. I have information on at least 400 Huizar's here in Texas, and a few in California. I obtained them from researching U.S. Census records dating back to 1870. The reason for this research is to try and solve a very old and conflicting story of who carved the Rose window of the San Jose Mission. history books say that Pedro Huizar is given credit for it. according to the story he arrived in San Antonio appointed by the King of Spain to survey the Missions and build an aquia to provide irrigation water to fields. the story also says that he carved the window in memory of his lost love Rosa, she was rumored to have died in shipwreck on her way to meet him. records say that he was born in Aguascalientes, but not sure where. I know that there are Huizar's in Aguascalientes, because i went there and met a person that lived in la colonia de los bosques that was a Huizar. i tried to find addresses of Huizar
amily on
line but not one comes up. I want to tie all the Huizar families together for future generations to enjoy. i do not use the computer very well and only have about a years experience. so any help someone can give me in this forum will greatly apreciated. i do speak in spanish, and i understand all spainsh well, but i don't write it well. Angie Godina, thank you and every one in tring to help me..


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