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Ruiz de Esparza in Aguascalientes

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By oldcar53 - Posted on 29 January 2007


You are correct about so many of us having the Ruiz de Esparza lineage. I have three lines with either Ruiz, Ruiz de Esparza or Esparza, depending on the records, they will interchange the Ruiz, the Esparza or Ruiz de Esparza.

One line is Esparza/Macias/Valadez from Jalpa Zacatecas and Nochistlan Zacatecas, sometimes shown as Ruiz de Esparza and sometimes only Ruiz, that's why for a time I couldn't connect some families because I did not see the connections until one day within the same document they used all three terms, Ruiz, Ruiz de Esparza and Esparza for the same event.
Another line is Ruiz de Esparza/Luevano/Sotomayor from Pabellon Rincon de Romos, Aguascalientes, Hacienda Garabato and the other line is shown mostly as Ruiz for 5 generations from Nochistlan, Zac, Rancheria Monte de los Duranes, who married into the Esparza/Luevano/Sotomayor of Aguascalientes in the early 1800's.

San Jose Calif

Original Message, From: tony cobos Sent: Monday, January 29, 2007 Subject: Ruiz de Esparza in Aguascalientes

So many of us have this same Ruiz de Esparza line; has anyone done research
as to the "Vielma" family(s) from this early time frame? I have wondered if
references to "Biedma", "Viezma",
"Bedmar" etc. are the same or misspellings/mis-transcriptions of this name
or totally different families.


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