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List Procedure/Posting Genealogies/Privacy-Security

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By makas_nc - Posted on 13 January 2007

In order for genealogies within the group to be available to all they
should be posted in the "Files" --> "Members Genealogies" --> "Your Last
Name, Your First Name" area of the group. Go there and open your folder
and then upload your genealogy.

don't properly group the genealogies so they can be available in the
future. So if you have an update that you want to send to the group go
to your folder and upload a file there and then copy and paste the URL
of your folder into an email and send it to the group with a description
of where you are researching and the surnames you have researched.

ALSO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not send in genealogies that have living
individuals or even deceased individuals that are as close as your
parents both for security and privacy sake. Sometimes Financial
Information Passwords are chosen based on your Mother's Maiden name and
if you go and post that information via an email to the group then the
whole internet connected world will suddenly have your Financial
Password [you did know that the email archives are
Public, didn't you?].

So to recap:

1) No genealogies should be sent to the group via emails.

2) No living individuals should be included in any genealogies made
available to the group members both for privacy and security reasons
(especially your mother's maiden name).



ps: who in the group can come up with a more elegant way of wording the
above email? I would like a better version of the above so I can send it
out when folks first come into the group so they will not automatically
start sending genealogies to the group. so if you have good english
skills and can word it better than this and even suggest other ideas
that I have forgotten to list to new members please take a "try" at
properly wording a version of the message that I can send to brand new



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