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Ojo de Agua all over the place

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By oldcar53 - Posted on 31 December 2006


I think that most every municipio had an Ojo de Agua and maybe even several Ojos de Agua so it may be a hard thing to pinpoint. Also don't put too much emphasis on Ojo de Agua because people moved around from one rancho to another. For my grandfather I have seen about 5 different names of different ranchos when his children were born. One would say originario del Caquiste another would say originario de La Noche Buena another El Salitre and another would say Rancho Las Pilas and so on. According to mom and my aunts and uncles he did not live in all of these and mostly lived in El Rancho del Caquiste and was born in El Salitre.

So yes there are ojos de agua everywhere...........enjoy the search process and learn in the process.

San Jose, Calif.

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Dear Linda and Emilie,
I think there are more ponds in Mexico than there are in Northwest Indiana! I think the most likely Ojo de Agua is the one just south of Tepatitlan, but I could be wrong. I still have 5 more years to look at on the microfilm, so after the holiday I will be able to finish viewing the film and maybe it will give me more clues. Catarina's brothers Vicente and Julian and her sisters Ambrosia and Trinidad were also in Valle de Guadalupe so much of the family had relocated to Valle de Guadalupe. Someone is bound to have a more descriptive baptism.

My mom is from England and her relatives from England and Australia refer to the Atlantic Ocean as the Big Pond. Now just think, hundreds of years from now, future generations are going to read some of those letters and will be trying to figure out what exactly was the Big Pond!


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