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[Fwd: DNA Genteic Genealogy]

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By makas_nc - Posted on 25 December 2006

Thanks for your comments Gary and thanks for your efforts with the
Mexico DNA project. I hope your holidays are blessed and prosperous.

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Subject: Re: [Nuestros Ranchos] DNA Genteic Genealogy
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 01:54:02 -0800 (PST)
From: Gary Felix
To: Joseph Puentes

Feliz Navidad Joseph. Very good explanation.

An additional help is finding relatives of a different surname, which is
frequent in our culture. Some of our ancestors took surnames on their
Maternal side.The Salinas surname is frequent enough in Northeastern
Mexico and in our project's results to possibly connect to Don Pedro
Salinas who was an early settler to the region. Our project's Salinas
can't quite trace back that far to confirm but we have recently found a
Longoria with the Salinas Ydna. This connection is significant in
that Javier Salinas a founder of Mier Tamaulipas married a Longoria. A
similar situation occurred connecting the Garza and Trevino names only
this was verified by paper trail.

There weren't that many settlers in Northeastern Mexico and many lines
daughtered out (did not leave male line relatives). Many are the
descendants of the surviving lines in this part of Mexico. This is
similar to what happened in Northwestern Mexico. If you see the project
page we may have identified a founder NW Mexico lilne in the Robles

The founders leave the most descendants.


*/Joseph Puentes /* wrote:

since I just woke up and you just posted this I'll toss in a comment
I'm by far no expert in DNA (I've CC'ed Gary Felix - Hi Gary. . .Feliz
Navidad - of the Mexico DNA project to comment if I totally miss the
boat on something: very possible):

to help your genealogy along using DNA you want to work with a Y-DNA
work up which is the one passed along through male individuals from
father to sons. mt-DNA is passed on from the mother to both sons and
daughters. So you can do your Y and mt DNA, but from my understanding
Y-DNA is much closer in time span to our present time while mt-DNA
back many many thousands of years back so it is harder to find a match
with someone who you can prove is your relative via a written document.

So what you do is have the 25 or 37 marker or even the next one 67?
marker test (the more markers the more likely you're a match if both
indivduals test the same). And you use it to compare first with
indivduals that have the same surname and you think might be your
relatives. If you all come up a match then you are related.

Then the way you advance your genealogy is to hope that the person you
matched up with has advanced their genealogy in a direction that will
help you. Otherwise you will be the one to help them. Then again on
lines maybe you'll be able to help each other.

well I'm sure I might have worded wrong and I'm hoping others will



Joseph Puentes (Environment Podcast) (Latin American History)


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