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By smileysway2 - Posted on 18 December 2006

...Howdy Everyone...just wanted to let ya know that I finally (with some help, of course) have placed my Jalisco Connections folder here: is a link to my photos album, which I will be adding to today. We have a couple of Posadas to attend, so I will post some of those too. I will be adding some photos of our reccent outing for the perfect "Flor de Pena" for all of our "navedenas."

Just wondering how many of ya'll have this custom still being here in the United States? Are there any other customs that you have from your past, that you keep going within your family for this Christmas season? Like all the "mujeres" getting together to make the homemade tamales and of course, all the "placticas" don't hurt either.

During this time, I will be adding many more names of all the new family members born thru out the year. My family doesn't even realize I take very good genealogical notes during such occasions. Just curious about others "traditions" is all. Hope to add lots more research after I get the rolls that I have on order at our local LDS center.

Photo Album

...Until the next time, I wish you all a very blessed Christmas and New Year. May we all help each other in breaking down some of those many "brickwalls" in order to find those all elusive ancestors in the year to come...

Smiley :-))
Pink, OK