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By romero89 - Posted on 01 November 2006

Maureen (and other newbies)

Don't be discouraged at the slowness of this type of research. When
I first started I only had my father's birthdate and location and his
parent's names obtained from his fourth wife when he died. He had
told so many stories during his lifetime that I wasn't sure where he
was born. After several trips to SLC I now know of cousins,
siblings, and aunt and uncles.

What I had to do to get started was pick out a Baptismo film that
included his birth date and scan every entry looking for my
grandparents names. I found a previously unknown uncle and other
relatives this way. It was a long, tedious endeavor, taking all day
for many days. I don't read or speak Spanish so the names were all I
recognized at first. I copied every entry that included my
grandparents names and proceeded to the next film.

As you can see, I have much more to learn. I can now read the dates,
names, relationships, etc. on these entries. I will look for
marriages and deaths next. I have no close cousins on my father's
side with which to exchange information. There are probably some in
Mexico or even the US, but I don't know who they would be.

We all have to learn as we go. It is the search, as well as the
finding, that gives me satisfaction. I now have a "family".

Good luck in your research.


> Researching: Romero, Hallstead/Halstead, Davis, Hamm, Capwell,
> Buell, Beltz, Chandler, Burgess, Hitchcock, de la Torre, Hotchkiss,
> Moore, Nichol/Nichols, Phelps, Scott, Sherwood, Trowbridge, Barba,
> Brewster, Fisher, Foulkes


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