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Research Tip for LDS

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By Maureen Bejar - Posted on 23 October 2006

I have discovered an easier way to search for things on LDS and would like to share.

go to

type in a name for example FName: Calixto LName: Alviso (but you may use any name)

change country to Mexico

Click the search button at the bottom

This is important: You should have some files in the "International Genealogical File" or IGI file

Click on any of the files under the IGI file

Scroll down to the batch number and click on the link

Now on the next web page, delete the number in the batch number box, change the state to "Jalisco" and put the last name in you are searching for (only the last name, for example: Alviso or maybe Ledesma, it does not matter what last name) and click on the search button.

This will give you all the Alviso's (or whatever name you put in), maternal or paternal in the state of Jalisco that LDS has in their computer database. However this is not all the records in their holdings, as they only have a small portion of all their microfilms extracted into their database. This is useful in finding relations in Jalisco, but in different towns.

You may also do the same as above but instead of the last name, put the parents first and last name in to find children born to them.

This has saved me a lot of time!!! And given me some great leads.

Hope my instructions are clear, if you have problems, contact me and I will try to clarify.


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