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By Visitor - Posted on 02 October 2006

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URL sites for history, fotos of city/pueblos and areas
of interest Dream Trip.

YAHUALICA 105 kms (66miles) from Guadalara, Jalisco,

Jeff Legato's home page /Yahualica, Jalisco, Mexico
click Albums:

Historia de Yahualica;

©Juan Antonio Rubalcava 2002-2006
Septiembre 22, 2006

Mexticacan (mesh-tee-kah-KAHN), town (1990 pop.
3,152), Jalisco, central Mexico, 13 mi/21 km SW of
Teocaltiche; 21°13'N 102°43'W.
Grain, vegetables; livestock.

digital fotos tour of Nochistlan.

Teocaltiche (te-o-kahl-TEE-che), city (1990 pop.
19,627) and township, Jalisco, central Mexico, on
interior plateau, near Zacatecas border, 40 mi/64 km
SW of Aguascalientes on Mexico Highway 25; 21°26'N
102°34'W. Elev. 5,653 ft/1,723 m. Agr. center (grain,
alfalfa, beans, chickpeas, fruit; livestock).
Map of cities of Teocaltiche, Yahualica de Gonzáles
Gallo, and others

Brief history of Aquascalientes: major cities,
pueblos and History of Zacatecas.

Places to see in Aguascalientes.

Aguascalientes City, capital city of the State of
Aguascalientes, is located 537 km northwest of Mexico
City on Federal Highway 57 / 45 in Mexico. The
Colonial City of Aguascalientes is situated in the
central part of Mexico and is rich in colonial period
architecture. Some of the most renowned structures

The Government Palace with its
Neoclassical facade of redtezontle stone
The Municipal Palace built out of pink quarry
El Jardin de los Palacios (Palace Gardens), where you
can admire a fountain built to honor the artist Jesus
F. Contreras. Contreras is the creator of two relief
sculptures decorating the square. These sculptures
represent: "Camaxtli", the God of Hunting and
"Centeotl", the God of Abundance
La Plaza Patria, where you can view an iron tower
built in 1808
Legislative Palace

Other interesting sites well worth visiting are:

Rincon de Romos.
1. Rincon de Romos is located 41 km north of
Aguascalientes City on Federal Highway 45 in the State
of Aguascalientes, Mexico. Attractions in Rincon de
Romos are: crafts, cattle exhibitions, regional
dances, bullfights, cockfights, and large farms.


Mapa del Estado de Aguascalientes, Mexico, S. Seccion

Este mapa muestra la ciudad de: Peñuelas.
El mapa muestra las poblaciones de:
Ex Hacienda Agostaderito, Tanque de Guadalupe, Villa
Lic. Jesús Terán, La Tinaja, La Soledad de Abajo, El
Duraznillo, Los Duran, Catarina, Bajío los Vázquez,
LOS CUERVOS, Montoro, Refugio de Peñuelas,
Providencia, San Antonio de Peñuelas, El Turicate.


The main attractions found here are:
Presa Plutarco Elias Calles

North to Zac., Zac.

Zacatecas Vacation Guides & Tourism
627km (392 miles) NW of Mexico City; 198km (124 miles)
NW of San Luis Potosí; 322km (201 miles) NE of
Guadalajara; 298km (186 miles) SE of Durango
Zacatecas, like Guanajuato, owes its beauty to the
wealth of silver extracted from its mines. The
farthest flung of the silver cities, it is a jewel in
the rough. High over the town center looms a steep
mountain that's accessible by cable car.

Places to visit in Zacatecas State

Chalchihuites, Sombrerete, *Chicomostoc
Archaeological Zone, Tepetongo, Fresnillo,
Guadalupe, Villa Garcia, Jerez de Garcia Salinas,
Zacatecas ? Capital City

*La Quemada

Description: The pre-Columbian archaeological site of
La Quemada or Chicomóztoc (Náhuatl: "seven caves") is
situated about 53km/33mi south of Zacatecas on the MEX
54. This cult centre, which stretches across a large
hill, probably had its beginnings as long ago as the
Early Classic period. It is highly doubtful, however,
whether it is identical with the legendary place of
Chicomóztoc from which, according to the saga, the
seven Nahua tribes are supposed to have set off on
their migration to the south. What is certain is that
La Quemada, together with Chalchihuites and other
places in Zacatecas and Durango, lies in an area which
represented the northern boundary of Meso-American



Esteban Valdés Salazar, Historia de Totatiche
Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Geografía e
Informática (INEGI)
State of Jalisco, Enciclopedia de los Municipios de



Natural Attractions
One of the natural attractions of Colotlán is a
natural canyon known as "La Barranca" located about 1
kilometer east of El Refugio, in the south east part
of the municipality. This canyon runs for aproximately
5 kilometers and is the exit of the basin of
aproximately 100 square kilometers that was formed in
the highlands in the neighbouring state of Zacatecas
between the Sierra de Morones and the "Cerro
Chichimeco" (Chichimeco mountain, approximately 2,600
meters above sea level). The canyon is also the origin
of the "Chichoca" River, that runs east-west and that
joins the Colotlán River before joining the Bolaños
River, one of the most important afluents, running
north-south, of the Lerma-Santiago (Lerma River)

Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, Geografia e
Informatica (INEGI)
Botello Aceves, Brígida del Carmen, en Memoria del
Municipio en Jalisco. Unidad Editorial, Gobierno de
Jalisco, 1987
Retrieved from


Momax (mo-MAKS), town (1990 pop. 1,621), Zacatecas, N
central Mexico, 12 mi/19 km NNW of Tlaltenango de
Sanchez Roman, on Tlalt enengo R. Grain, chickpeas,
tobacco, alfalfa; livestock.

Map includes:



Much easier to interpret than La Quemada is the
undiscovered colonial gem of Jerez, about 50
kilometers away by road. Incredibly, most guidebooks
give it no more than a passing mention, if it is even
included at all!


Fresnillo is situated 53 km to the north of the City
of Zacatecas via federal highway 15 in the State of
Zacatecas, Mexico. Fresnillo is considered the second
most important City of the State of Zacatecas, among
the interesting places you can visit are beautiful
constructions such as:

The Gonzalez Echeverria Theater

The Municipal Palace

The Church of El Transito, built in the XVIII century

The Sanctuary of Plateros, which is one of the most
important religious sanctuaries of the Country, and
where the Santo Niño de Atocha is venerated

J Munoz

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I read in your message that you are taking a trip to Jalisco, Zacatecas and
Aguascalientes. I would be very greatful if you could email me a copy of
the suggested route submitted to Nuestros Ranchos in July or August of last
year. I plan to take a similar trip in March or April, so any information
would be greatly appreciated. I have been to Aguascalientes, Rincon de
Romos, San Jose de Gracia, Teocaltiche, Nochistlan, Mexticacan and other
pueblos but would like more information and recommendations on hotels, modes
of transportation, travel tips, etc. for the area. I am a fairly new member
in the group. Maybe next year I could participate in a group tour with
other genealogists.

Bill Figueroa
Richardson, Texas

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> To; Alicia Carrillo
> Hi Alicia,
> Anna and I are going on the Trip within the week.
> Our trip will include Tlaltenango. Tepechitlan,
> Teolcalteche, Juarez, Rincon de Romos. Jalisco, Los
> Altos, Teul, Florencio, Zacatecas, and Aquas
> Calientes, and other pueblos.. I plan to follow the
> route initially submitted in July or August of last
> year.
> If I can be of assistantance feel free to inquire.
> Jose Munoz
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>> Raul, welcome to the group.
>> What are the Cardenas names you are looking for? I
>> can trace my Cardenas family back to early 1700's in
>> Tlatenango, Zacatecas. Take a look at my files if
>> you are interested.
>> Thanks,
>> Angie Godina
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