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Cap. Diego Robles 1598 Cuencame

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By ayalarobles - Posted on 01 October 2006

Speaking of the Robles family, does anyone know anything about a Cap.Diego Robles in CUencame. He is supposedly credited with the finding of Parras,Coahuila in 1598. He was from Cuencame.

I ask because I am desended from the Robles family from Parras, General Cepeda, and Monclova. I am blocked and struggling to make a connection to him.

Esther A. Herold

-------------- Original message from john robles : --------------

> I actually did ifnd a person named Robles in Puebla and I emailed to see if they
> were a relation. I haven't heard back though. Robles is a much more common name
> than Nieves, I think...
> Actually my Spanish if fine but not when it comes to deciphering what a man
> says in a narrative that is sort of rambling with sentences that go on for
> miles!
> I have attached a copy of it..if anyone wishes to translate it I would be
> eternally grateful and try to return the favor somehow. I get the gist of it but
> would love to read every word.
> John
> Joseph Puentes wrote:
> Just a quick message about the most valuable resource in my genealogy so
> far. Somehow someway I managed to copy a couple of pages out of an old
> phonebook that my mom used to use. The copying took place way before I
> was seriously interested in genealogy and I promptly put them in with a
> very tall stack of papers in my "save" section of multiple other stacks
> of papers. Well one day many years after, but during my new found love
> for genealogy (just about 12 months ago) I found that paper and boy was
> I surprised. Here in my own handwriting was the answer to my brickwall.
> A phone number to a person that my aunt had told me to contact because
> they were related to my maternal Grandmother who I didn't even know what
> her real name was. I called that person and got enough information to
> find my Grandmother's baptism certificate and then a few generations
> more back. Then on those pages from the phone book I found another
> branch of my maternal Grandfathers family effectively increasing that
> side of the family at least 100% and maybe upward of 200-300%.
> Aside from old personal phone books I have spent a lot of time with just
> regular phone books. If your spanish is not so good just start with the
> border cities in the US and call all the people in those towns (El Paso,
> Calexico, San Diego, many others) with the surnames you are hunting for.
> Just tell them right off what you're doing something like: "I'm a
> genealogist and I share the same surname as you do. My 'Puentes' come
> from Jalisco Mexico and I was wondering if your 'Puentes' line also came
> from Mexico? etc. etc. etc." I've managed to find several lost branches
> of the family with that technique and it also works when calling mexico
> even though I needed to find a good calling card that gives lots of
> minutes for Mexico.
> I guess I said all that to say that yes I have many times felt something
> very similar to feeling the way John Robles has felt in finding
> breakthroughs. I describe it as my heart do physical backflips.


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