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[Fwd: Fw: Latino museum commission update . . . HELP NEEDED . . .]

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By makas_nc - Posted on 26 September 2006

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Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 6:56 PM
Subject: Latino museum commission update . . . HELP NEEDED .

Hi . . . just received this email from Congressman Xavier Becerra's
office, concerning the Latino Museum commission update. Joel writes
that our last remaining opportunity to have this legislation become law
this year requires the Senate to pass the House bill.

I called and spoke to Joel Najar to see how we could help. He said we
need to contact the following Senators and ask them please to move
forward on the companion Senate Bill 2475 right away. It is a
bi-partisan effort.

Since they say that letters are much for valued then telephone calls,
I've included the fax numbers, as well as the telephones.

Senators: Ken Salazar, 202-224-5852 fax 202-228-5036
Mel Martinez, 202-224-3041 fax 202-228-5171
Orrin Hatch, 202-224-5251 fax 202-224-6331
Pete V. Domenici, 202-224-6621 fax 202-228-3261

Will you please help, and pass on the request.

Warm regards, Mimi

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> Subj: Latino museum commission update
> Date: 9/25/2006 2:20:23 PM Pacific Standard Time
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> Hello,
> H.R. 2134, the legislation that will create a commission to plan for a
> national museum dedicated to Latino heritage, will be scheduled for a
> vote later this week in the House of Representatives. We expect that
> it will be passed by voice vote without any problems, but you never
> know. This is the last week of legislative business before Congress
> takes a recess until after the elections in November; so, this is the
> last opportunity we have to pass this bill.
> The Senate version of the bill, S. 2475, has not moved. Although
> Senator Domenici, who is chairman of the committee with jurisdiction
> over the bill, attempted to schedule action on the bill introduced by
> Senator Salazar and Senator Martinez, I've been told that it was
> blocked by the staff of Sen. Craig Thomas (R-WY) on the National Parks
> Subcommittee of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.
> The Senate will also adjourn at the end of this week until after the
> elections. It is not likely that the Senate will act on the Senate
> version of the bill.
> Thus, our last remaining opportunity to have this legislation become
> law this year requires the Senate to pass the House bill. The
> procedure requires a Senator to hold the House bill at the Senate
> clerk's desk, preventing it from being referred to a Senate
> committee. The House bill can then be offered up as passed by the
> Senate by "Unanimous Consent."
> Sen. Salazar would need his fellow cosponsors Sen. Martinez, Sen.
> Domenici and Sen. Hatch to help with this procedure. It's a very busy
> week in Congress, so this bill could be lost in the din of other
> business. It would be a lost opportunity should the Senate fail to
> act after the House does.
> For more information, please contact me or consult
> Thanks for your interest.
> Joel
> Joel Najar | Deputy Legislative Director / Tax Counsel | U.S. Rep.
> Xavier Becerra | 202-226-3748 |


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