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By makas_nc - Posted on 25 September 2006

The podcast project needs your help. The
planning committee is located at:
Please join the group and volunteer to solicit the many people we know
that have studied and have gained a significant understanding in some
aspect of our history, the History of Latin America. The podcast is
about archiving Audio files from Conferences, Symposiums, Information
Sessions, Interviews, Lectures, Poetry Readings, in short any place that
our history is being "SPOKEN" is where we need to be to record and
archive that history. PLEASE HELP in this effort:

There are several new audio presentations on the podcast project. In the "Comida" area of
the podcast Dr. Paul Bosland a Regents Professor in horticulture at New
Mexico State University and Director of the Chile Pepper Institute gives
a fabulous presentation on Fabian Garcia - Pioneer Hispanic
Horticulturist 1871-1948, known as the father of the Mexican Food
Industry in the United States. In the "Música" area of the podcast Dr.
Mark Pedelty provides a historical overview of musical ritual in Mexico
City, starting with Mesoamerican music in relation to ceremonies of
state, ending with the quintessential Mexican music: Mariachi. In the
"Coyote" area of the podcast listen to Dr. Marco Polo Hernández Cuevas
and others in their presentation of "Noches de Candela" or poetic vigils
related to San Juan de Ulúa, Veracruz which was the door of entry for
hundreds of thousands of enslaved Africans during the Spanish colonial


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