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By meef98367 - Posted on 25 September 2006

My recent research into my husband's ancestry has taken me farther afield from Encarnacion de Diaz, Jalisco where I found his grandfather, great-grandfather ---- back to his gggg-grandfather. Now I am in unfamiliar territory.

I have four baptisms where the children were baptized in Encarnacion de Diaz, but one (a Garcia Calzada) was born in what looks like "Mariquitas" (1797) another (a Gonzales Angel) was born in "Santa Maria" (1790), another (a Servantes Rovalcaba) born in "esta Villa Valleron [?]de Sn. Diego" (1800), and one (a Servantes Rovalcaba) born in "San Diego" (1795).

Another baptism has the child (a Duron Esparsa) baptized in Aguascalientes, Aguas. but born in Asientos and "vecino de este Partido en Santiago".

Finally there is one (a Gonzales Magdaleno) baptized in Lagos de Moreno, but born in San Matias.

My questions are these:

Where was/is Mariquitas?

Current maps have several Santa Marias in Jalisco, also several San Diegos and Santiagos. Which ones were they referring to?

What does "vecino de este Partido en Santiago" mean in relation to Asientos? (I found Asientos on a map).

I can't find a San Matias anywhere close to Lagos de Moreno. Was there one in Jalisco, or elsewhere?


Emilie Garcia
Port Orchard, WA ---


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