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Los Oñate de Alice

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By alicebb - Posted on 24 September 2006

Leticia, Thank you. With your ears up and my antennas, I'm optimistic! ABB

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From: Leticia Leon
Subject: Re: [Nuestros Ranchos] Los Oñate de Alice
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 17:48:05 -0500 (CDT)

thanks for your answer.

I´ll be asking to my father, over and over until I squeez his brain as I am used to do. He´ll be 84 on oct, some times I brake adobe walls with this technique! He could remember something, I almost hear the whispering spirits around, if I were a dog my ears would be pointing up. If any news, be sure I´ll tell.

AliceBB escribió:
Hi Leticia, My mother's maiden name was Enedina Onate; she grew up believing she was born in Aguascalientes, Aguas. May 14, 1915. Her parents were Luis Onate and Agustina Santelices, who separated, and therein lies the rub. My mother was estranged from the Onates all her life and when she sought them out about 40 years ago, she found an aunt Leonarda Onate in Aguas.,Aguas. who in turn took us to meet an uncle Adolfo Onate in Guadalajara, Jalisco. They told us of another sister Maria Onate in the US. who married a first cousin Eduardo Onate! I was with Mom on this trip, and Tia Leonarda took us to a church where her father/my ggrandfather Rosalio de Onate was a benefactor, and is entombed. Unfortunately, I was about 12 at the time, and while I remember the white marble tomb, I wasn't much interested. It was on that trip that Tia Leonarda and Uncle Adolfo informed my mother that she was actually born in Villa Garcia, Zac. GGrandfather Rosalio and ggrandmother Petra
Candelas/or Candelario supposedly had a tobacco hacienda that was lost in the revolution. After all that effort, my mother never kept up correspondence with the Onate's. To date, the only family info I have been able to verify through FHC records, is the marriage of my grandmother Agustina Santelices' parents: ggrandmother Maria Valderramas to ggrandfather Francisco Santelices in Panuco,Zac. on April 20. 1882, although it states they were from Vetagrande, Zac. That entry states no children, when they actually had two daugthers. And that's about it. My Onates are NOWHERE to be found and that FHC entry is the only mention of a Santelices. It's been a brick wall ever since! There are lots of Valderramas and Candelas, but until I find a link, I don't know which ones to follow. Thanks so much, Alice B. Blake

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