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Oñate's from Villa Garcia

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By alicebb - Posted on 24 September 2006

Joseph, The film I searched was Villa Garcia Vault Intl Film 2053580 which includes nacimentos 1914-1917, and didn't find any Onates in those years. Yes, she had two brothers, but no Onates or Santelices (in case the mother's maiden name was used)showed on that film. We don't know her brother's names; upon my grandparents separation, the oldest son was taken to live with the Onates, and the other died a young man. There are also no Onates in the 1930 census for Villa Garcia, et al. Thanks for your suggestions. ABB

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From: Joseph Puentes
Subject: [Nuestros Ranchos] Oñate's from Villa Garcia
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 16:32:54 -0500

So what have you found from the Villa Garcia, Zacatecas film? Have you
had a search of this film yet? Nacimientos
1908-1910,1912-1913,1918,1919-1920 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1090103 ] it
seems that 1915 is missing doesn't it? Well you might have to go
searching for your family on these films. Did your mother have siblings?


Registros civiles del municipio de Villa García, 1862-1996

Villa García (Zacatecas). Registro Civil (Main Author)

Microfilme de manuscritos en el Archivo General de Gobierno del Estado
de Zacatecas.
Algunos de los libros incluyen índice.
Registros civiles del municipio de Villa García, Zacatecas, México.
(Incluyen registros de los pueblos de Montesa, El Lobo, Los Campos y San
Civil registers of births, marriages, and deaths from the municipality
of Villa García, Zacatecas, Mexico.(Includes records from the towns of
Montesa, El Lobo, San Marcos and Los Campos)

México, Zacatecas, Villa García - Civil registration

Manuscript (On Film)


Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmados por la Sociedad Genealógica de Utah,
1973, 1998

30 rollos de microfilme ; 35 mm.

Film Notes
Note - Location [Film]
Nacimientos 1864,1867-1868 - FHL INTL Film [ 1090097 ]
Nacimientos 1870-1879 - FHL INTL Film [ 1090098 ]
Nacimientos 1880-1886,1888 - FHL INTL Film [ 1090099 ]
Nacimientos 1889-1894 - FHL INTL Film [ 1090100 ]
Nacimientos 1895-1897,1899-1900 - FHL INTL Film [ 1090101 ]
Nacimientos 1901-1907 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1090102 ]
Nacimientos 1908-1910,1912-1913,1918,1919-1920 - VAULT INTL Film [
1090103 ]
Matrimonios 1862,1867-1868 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1090104 ]
Matrimonios 1870-1872 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1090105 ]
Matrimonios 1873-1879 - FHL INTL Film [ 1089258 ]
Matrimonios 1881-1884 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089259 ]
Matrimonios 1885-1888 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089260 ]
Matrimonios 1889-1893 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089261 ]
Matrimonios 1894-1897 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089262 ]
Matrimonios 1899-1900 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089263 ]
Matrimonios 1901-1903 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089264 ]
Matrimonios 1904-1906 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089265 ]
Matrimonios 1907-1908 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089266 ]
Matrimonios 1909-1910 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089267 ]
Matrimonios 1912-1914,1918-1920 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089268 ]
Defunciones 1864,1867-1868,1870-1875 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089269 ]
Defunciones 1876-1886 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089270 ]
Defunciones 1887-1892 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089271 ]
Defunciones 1893-1897,1899-1900 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089272 ]
Defunciones 1901-1909 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089273 ]
Defunciones 1910,1912-1914,1918-1920 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1089274 ]
Nacimientos 1914-1917 (Montesa, Lobo, San Marcos, Villa Garcia),
1921-1930 (Villa Garcia) -- Matrimonios 1921-1936 - VAULT INTL Film [
2053580 ]
Matrimonios 1937-1950 -- Defunciones 1921-1970 - VAULT INTL Film [
2053581 ]
Defunciones 1971-1998 -- Nacimientos (Montesa) 1921-1930 -- Defucniones
(Montesa) 1921-1924, 1926-1981 - VAULT INTL Film [ 2053604 ]
Defunciones (Montesa) 1982-1995, 1997 -- Defunciones (Los Campos) 1954,
1956-1997 -- Nacimientos (San Marcos) 1921-1922, 1924-1930 --
Defunciones (San Marcos) 1921, 1924-1931 (Incluye nacimeintos de Montesa
1923) -- Nacimientos y defunciones (El Lobo) 1921, 1923-1924 --
Matrimonios y defunciones (Ville García) 1914-1917 - VAULT INTL Film [
2053605 ]

© 2002 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

AliceBB wrote:

>Hi Leticia, My mother's maiden name was Enedina Onate; she grew up believing she was born in Aguascalientes, Aguas. May 14, 1915. Her parents were Luis Onate and Agustina Santelices, who separated, and therein lies the rub. My mother was estranged from the Onates all her life and when she sought them out about 40 years ago, she found an aunt Leonarda Onate in Aguas.,Aguas. who in turn took us to meet an uncle Adolfo Onate in Guadalajara, Jalisco. They told us of another sister Maria Onate in the US. who married a first cousin Eduardo Onate! I was with Mom on this trip, and Tia Leonarda took us to a church where her father/my ggrandfather Rosalio de Onate was a benefactor, and is entombed. Unfortunately, I was about 12 at the time, and while I remember the white marble tomb, I wasn't much interested. It was on that trip that Tia Leonarda and Uncle Adolfo informed my mother that she was actually born in Villa Garcia, Zac. GGrandfather Rosalio and ggrandmother Petra Candelas/or Candelario supposedly had a tobacco hacienda that was lost in the revolution. After all that effort, my mother never kept up correspondence with the Onate's. To date, the only family info I have been able to verify through FHC records, is the marriage of my grandmother Agustina Santelices' parents: ggrandmother Maria Valderramas to ggrandfather Francisco Santelices in Panuco,Zac. on April 20. 1882, although it states they were from Vetagrande, Zac. That entry states no children, when they actually had two daugthers. And that's about it. My Onates are NOWHERE to be found and that FHC entry is the only mention of a Santelices. It's been a brick wall ever since! There are lots of Valderramas and Candelas, but until I find a link, I don't know which ones to follow. Thanks so much, Alice B. Blake
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>From: Leticia Leon
>Subject: Re: [Nuestros Ranchos] Seriously Considering a PolicyChange/Seriamente en vista de un cambio policial
>Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 14:56:19 -0500 (CDT)
>Hello Alice!
> Well, your Onate family tree members are as elusive as mine!
> Please, could you elaborate more in antecedents you refer to, such why was prominent your mother´s family? whath profession she has?
> Some legends run in the families through oral channels and it makes our search a more confussing one.
> My father´s name is Nicolas Leon Oñate and he says that his gfather use to say that his own father was spaniard, till today I can´t prove nor disprove this saying.
> In some films of Arandas and Jesus Maria, Jal. the baptism registry stablished that a child was español, or indio laborio, but it doesn´t mean they were spaniards but white skin creature with white skin parents in the case of españoles.
> I have a Lino Oñate married to Maria Sixta Solis Alvarez, his son Francisco married Aurelia Aguirre, their daughter Maria Rosa marrie J. Miguel Leon (decendant of Cozyleon) and Nicolas, my father is their child.
> There are many Oñate in San Pedro Piedra Gorda, Guanajuato, but in the films I look there were no parents, padrinos yes, but no parents, it is frustating!
> Some times when one think or remember the legends or sayings in the family, like rewind and play in a recorder, one can hit foot with ball (dar pie con bola, darse cuenta, serendipity)
>AliceBB escribió:
> John, I know exactly how you feel. I've recently started my genealogy research and hit nothing but brick walls! For whatever reason--political or family squabbles, it appears my mother: an intelligent, professional woman from a once prominent family (Onate), was misinformed as to where she was born! I thought I had hit the jackpot when I received the FHC microfilm for Villa Garcia, Zac. for the years before and after her birth, and she's not there! Neither are her two brothers. I've checked the town's 1930's census--no Onate's whatsoever. This family, like many others, lost their fortunes and family records, if any, in the revolution. Now I've ordered an Aguascalientes El Sagrario (the church where my ggrandfather is entombed) microfilm that covers 300 years. I wonder how long it's going to take to get through that one, working only a couple hours a week (the evening operating hours of my FHC)? I haven't contributed much to the site, not for lack of effort, but lack o
>f any su
>ccess. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Alice B. Blake
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>From: john robles
>Subject: Re: [Nuestros Ranchos] Seriously Considering a PolicyChange/Seriamente en vista de un cambio policial
>Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 09:08:39 -0700 (PDT)
>I for one am not sure how to share my info. Plus, I only have one generation in Mexico, and no siblings. The places my grandparents were born are not listed in the Ex Haciendas, and I haven't been able to make a connection yet. So I am not sure if I should quit or wait and see if someone hooks their info to mine!
>Any pointers on how to get started in the group??
>John Robles
>Emilie Garcia wrote:
>I am with you all the way, Linda. I just cannot understand the reluctance on the part of some to share their genealogical research. I have made so many new contacts with people that have helped me after I posted my information to WorldConnect via Ancestry World Tree or to the many message boards available. (Although if I knew how to upload gedcoms on my own I could have posted directly to WorldConnect thus bypassing
> allows me to use their online genealogy program Family Tree which is user friendly, and I don't have to buy a program for my computer where it could crash, etc.
>I have given some folks new information (new to them) and vice versa, just as we have seen happen in this group. We help each other fill in the blanks and break down the brick walls, and it furthers the enthusiasm for this kind of work. I have instilled in many younger people the interest and passion for this. We are not going to live forever, so if I can help others this way, I consider I have done my part for posterity.
>There are very few people who, after I have spent days doing their research at no charge whatsoever, don't at least e-mail me back to thank me and let me know they got and appreciate the information. I don't care. At least I feel gratified by the majority who do thank me, and who I know will continue the search. The agradecidos even hold family reunions and share all the info I gave them; I have reunited many clans this way. Some folks have lived in the same town for generations and never knew they were related.
>How many instances have we seen where someone has done so much work, hoping to "one day" compile it into a copyrighted book, only to get ill and die before they accomplish it and have all that work languish in boxes in uninterested relatives' homes or where all that research is just destroyed? By uploading all my info to WorldConnect and to Nuestros Ranchos, I have left my work in a safe repository where no disaster in my home or to my computer or to me can touch it. I have not ever "stolen" anyone's information, only reviewed it for links to my ancestors. When I find a possible link, I do all the subsequent research myself by reviewing and obtaining copies of the actual records in order to be sure of the correctness of the info.
>Thank you Joseph, Arturo, Linda, Jessica and all of you who do the best you can to put those names and places online (however skimpily) for the benefit of everyone.
>Emilie Garcia
>Port Orchard, WA ----
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>From: Erlinda Castanon-Long
>Sent: Saturday, September 23, 2006 11:20 AM
>Subject: Re: [Nuestros Ranchos] Seriously Considering a PolicyChange/Seriamente en vista de un cambio policial
>I think it's a wonderful requirement to make posting what we want to share of our genealogy work. Some people like Jessica are new and learn from our research, others learn from the things we share about how to go abt finding and reading information. By requiring people to share it stops those who would only take and not share.. I'm sure there is something to be learned by all of us from each person who has agreed to work as part of this group.
>Personally I like sharing whatever I have since I know time and money limits many people. Because of that I've posted my records of close to 38,000 names on ancestry world tree, the free site of I do know that they put them on their pay site too but my records are wasted if I hoard them for myself. I do understand that others make a living researching for others and may use and sell whatever I post, I'm okay with that.. as long as someone somewhere gets a chance to find and reclaim their family.. I'm just part of a chain that helps people from Mexico reclaim and remember their families.. just my opinion..
>Linda in B.C.
>Jessica Castaneda > wrote:
>"I haven't submitted anything yet since I really haven't had time to do any
>research. All I still know if what I submitted when I first subscribed. . I subscribed hoping to be able to add my information and be able to learn from others searching for ancestors in the same area. I have learned a lot just from reading the posts of members of the group and hope that I will not get the axe. I thank you for your patience with those of us that rarely enter into group conversation-and provide really no information on our "antepasados" although I can say for myself I enjoy learning from all of you."
>Thanks- Jessica Castaneda
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