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By makas_nc - Posted on 24 August 2006

The podcast project needs your help.
Please contact those around you that are knowledgeable about Latin
American History and ask if they would be willing to create an Audio
file for the project. Here is my contact info:
The planning committee for the project is located here:
This month we have added many new Audio Contributions. In the
"Mujer" section Dr. Jean Stuntz discusses her book: "Hers, His, and
Theirs: Community Property Law in Spain and Early Texas." In the
"Coyote" Section you can hear "Black-Brown Relations in NC" from the
State of Things NPR radio show. There is also a great podcast in the
History section: "St. Patrick's Battalion of the Mexican-American War"
along with several others on Bullfighting and Columbus. There are also
many new entries for the "En La Historia" podcast in Spanish in the
History Section. In the "Oral History" Section there is new material by
Frank Sifuentes. Soon I'll be adding new links in the Archaeology
Section of the podcast. information about the podcast: