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Moctezuma's haplogroup

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By longsjourney - Posted on 17 July 2006

I want to share some of the letter from Gary Felix at our findings of Haplogroup-N for my Gutierrez ancestor.. Ernie, you're looking for genetic proof of lineage so I thought this was a interesting fact Gary Felix shared, the fact that Moctezuma's lineage shares Haplogroup N3, a offshoot of Haplogroup-N.. just food for thought...

Erlinda Castanon-Long
Hi Gary, thank you for the explanation, I was totally confused and still am to a point.. Are you saying that it's more likely that our Gutierrez line in Mexico is Native American Haplogroup N? I haven't seen any other Mexican Natives with that Haplogroup and that's whats confusing me.
thanks for your patience, Linda Castanon-Long

From: Gary Felix
To: Erlinda Castanon-Long
Subject: Re: Gutierrez Haplogroup N
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 12:55:42 -0700 (PDT)

Hi LInda,

yes it is more likely that your family line is Native American than Chinese and you are right there is no proof yet of Haplogroup N in Native Americans. The proof would come in finding N in pre columbian bones. The fact that your results match native siberians (Native Americans came from Siberia at least 15K years ago) means your haplotype (in this case your 12 markers) is likely one of the originals or founder haplotypes.

The interesting thing is that N3 is found only in a Seville sample in Spain. Seville was the gateway to the new world and Native Americans were brought to Spain early on. The grandson of Moctezuma married a Spanish woman. These lines are part of the house of Moctezuma.

The fact that your numbers come close to eastern european leaves this as a possibility.
There are people that would be eager to help determine if this is a Native American sample.

Email me anytime.

Thank you.

You know you can't draw too many inferences from a basic 12 marker test.

My initial 12 marker matches were all with Anglos, which led me to incorrect conclusions.

If you have more marker test results pending, when you get them you will have a better idea of where you stand genetically.

I had matches jumping out of the woodwork the first day my results were posted on Gary Felix's site. One Czech lady in particular says we are an exact match. That completely thru my sister and me. We never anticipated any Slavic ancestry.

She sent me her family tree and both our families attended the same church in San Antonio, Texas two hundred years ago. So maybe there was some hanky panky in the confessional:)

I was a DNA virgin, susceptible to suggestion.

It is a lot to digest in one meal:)

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