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Pat's Batch ???

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By Pat Silva Corbera - Posted on 14 July 2006

I received the following second message from SLC FHC - It still doesn't
explain why this IGI had only the batch number. I continue to agree with
Rose, that while additions or corrections are in the process of being made,
an IGI will only reflect a batch number. Once completed, then a batch
number will be assigned with either "M" "C" "J" and "K" along with dates
and a film number. Pat

Dear Patricia J. Silva Corbera,

We appreciate your inquiry and apologize as w egave you the wrong film
number. The correct number is 245201 Registros parroquiales, 1881-1933
Iglesia Católica. Jesús (Zacatecas, Zacatecas) Bautismos 1884-1890

To find this in our catalog go to, click on "Film/Fiche
search" and type in the number. Click on the title that comes up and then on
the "View Film Notes" tab. This will get you the entire series.

We hope this information is helpful and wish you success in your research.


Family History Research Support



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