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Research in Aguascalientes

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By longsjourney - Posted on 08 June 2006

I just returned from our 31st Castanon Family Reunion in Stkn Ca. and had a family member ask if I had any information for her husbands family originally from Aguascalientes.. I found some information on Familysearch and am wondering if anyone in the group is working this Andrade line? Luciano Andrade and Antonia Montes were married in Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes on Feb. 18 1835. Their son Pascual Andrade, wife Maria Augustina Lopez, married May 23 1859 are the parents of Luis Andrade June 1874, wife, Angela Mendez who are the parents of my relative Luis Andrade from Ca. I was amazed I could find this much online and am praying someone in the group has other information.

Luis Andrade said his family history has been lost except for bits and pieces since his father immigrated around 1920 and worked for the railroad moving so much Luis doesn't even know where he was born. When he needed a passport to vacation in Europe the clerk asked him where he would like to be born just to be able to get the passport.. that should confuse future genealogists who don't know his story! Luis also said his father said he rode with Pancho Villa even though he doesn't know whether to believe the story or not..
I would appreciate any help from anyone working the records from Aguacalientes.

Linda in Everett


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