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Attachments/ File & Email Size Limitations

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By makas_nc - Posted on 02 June 2006

for everyone's information:

1) You can't add attachments to emails as they will be stripped as in
the recent message by Ernie on the photo he included. If you want to
show the group a photo then upload it to the Album area and copy the
link of its location then send the email to the group with the link

2) Email sent to the group have a limit of 100 kb which is a lot but can
be exceeded if not careful. If you have an email that is larger than
that then contact for advice.

3) Files bigger than 2MB cannot be uploaded to the site. If you have a
file bigger than that then it is advised that you break it into chunks
smaller than 2MB each and upload the individual pieces. Contact for advice if needed.




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