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Building Up Our Site

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By arturoramos - Posted on 22 May 2006

We now have three members who have contributed to the GEDCOM database. We have a few other people who asked for accounts to be set up but have not yet uploaded data.

If there is anybody who would like to put their genealogy data (even if it is just a fraction of what you have) in this searchable database, please let me know and I will be happy to help you get it online. I think that building the database, particularly ancestors from the earlier centuries (those that we might share with other members) would be incredibly helpful for the group.

Also, the films database is a very valuable tool and I am quite sure that we don't have even half of the relevant batch numbers entered in there. If anybody has some spare time and is familiar with the familysearch website, it would be great if you could volunteer some time and get some more films and batch numbers in there.

If you think you can and are willing to help please let me know and I can guide you. You can begin by browsing through the films list and at the bottom of each state listing there is a list of municipios for which we have no films entered.

Henrietta (and others):

If you have confirmed batch numbers, I would suggest you first go to the films section and see if the batch numbers are already in the database. If they are not, you can enter them yourself by:

(1) If there are NO films for a given muniicpality... use the pull down menu at the bottom of the state listing to add films for a new municipality. You will need to enter the Description (e.g. Baptisms or Marriages), Beginning Year, Ending Year, Film Number, Batch Number and (if you have the film on indefinite loan) your name.

(2) If the municipality is already listed but your particular film or batch number is not, click on the "Add Film" button on the bottom of the municipality film listing page.

(3) If you have a large number of films, email them to me at arturo.ramos2 (at) (preferably in an Excel spreadsheet) and I can upload them to the database all at once rather than inputing each one individually. If possible, I would prefer that you sort out those films that are already in the database and send me a list of only fims that are not yet in the database.


I just added 30 new films to the Zacatecas, Nochistlan de Mejia films database. They are all for baptisms, years 1627 thru 1875. As I have time I will upload the rest of the films for Nochistlan, that would be the marriage, census and death films.


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