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Oral History Cuentos

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By makas_nc - Posted on 22 May 2006

Have a listen to the latest submissions by Frank Moreno Sifuentes at: and if you
haven't already continue listening to the next group of stories from the
"Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul" podcast [see below]

Oral History

Los Cuentos de Kiko

I'm so happy to introduce Frank Moreno Sifuentes to the Nuestra Familia
Unida podcast community. In this series of Oral History Cuentos expect
to hear about one family, but the experiences are those of an immigrant
nation. In the introductory Cuento "Las Lagrimas de Mama Grande Juanita
- 1938" You'll hear of a family that endured hardship as immigrants in
this country in the hopes of a better life for "la familia."

===> "Las Lagrimas de Mama Grande Juanita - 1938" by Frank Moreno

===> "1915 - Mexican Immigrant" by Frank Moreno Sifuentes

===> "The Day Roosevelt Died - 1944" by Frank Moreno Sifuentes

===> "With Due Respect to Erma Bombeck" by Frank Moreno Sifuentes

===> "From Drive By Shootings to Toxic Clouds" by Frank Moreno Sifuentes

===> "The Black Squad - 1948" by Frank Moreno Sifuentes


Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul

I've been in contact with Dr. Susan Sánchez-Casal and she has graciously
given Nuestra Familia Unida permission to link to her podcast located

Welcome to Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul

Along with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and the 73 contributing
authors whose wonderful stories and poems are reaching out to thousands
across the nation, I welcome you to the Latino Soul website. Chicken
Soup for the Latino Soul brings together some of the most talented
voices and insightful perspectives in American storytelling today. It is
a book by, for and about Latin@ people, but its diverse, blockbuster
stories and poems have appeal for ALL readers (of course it won't hurt
if you're already interested in Latino life in the USA, and the richness
of Latino cultures and storytelling!). Latino Soul is a book to be read
and reread, to be shared and treasured. Everytime you come back to the
book, you will discover something new. Here's what Emmy award-winning
journalist Catherine Anaya says about Latino Soul:

"Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul: Celebrating La Comunidad Latina is a
collection of powerful stories and poems written by people from all over
the country. They are stories about family, loyalty to our parents, the
wisdom of our grandparents, the deep sense of faith in the community,
and so much more... The stories will make you laugh, they'll make you
cry and if you're like me, you'll finish the book with an even greater
sense of Latino strength and pride" (Catherine Anaya, Latino
Perspectives Magazine, But don't
take anyone's word for it! Check out the selection of featured stories
in The Book section and see for yourself why everyone is praising Latino

Gracias, y un saludo caluroso,

Susan Sánchez-Casal

***BEST CHOICE: Please subscribe to her podcast by inserting the
follwing RSS feed into your aggragator software:

or you can download to your computer by right clicking on the following
links and choosing "Save Target Link As" to save to your computer or
just click on the link to listen to the podcast directly on your computer:

===> Podcast #1 - Introduction, reading of poem "University Avenue" by
Pat Mora

===> Podcast #2 - Marie Delgado Travis reads "Abolengo"

===> Podcast #3 - Anjela Villarreal Ratliff reads "In My Classroom"

===> Podcast #4 - Norma Oquendo reads "I'll Always Remember You"

===> Podcast #5 - Kathy Cano Murillo reads "Dad, The Rock Star of Tamale

===> Podcast #6 - Marie Delgado Travis reads "Me and Don Paco"

===> Podcast #7 - Monica Garcia Saenz reads "A Hero's Story"

===> Podcast #8 - Nilsa Mariano reads "Hunger"