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The latest news from Salt Lake City.

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By NathanJones - Posted on 19 May 2006

The first digitized records are now online, according to my sources in Salt Lake City.

They tell me that their original estimate to digitize all the records in their mountain vault would take SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS!

But, that they are now buzzing along at an incredible rate. They are completing TEN THOUSAND records a week, with new equipment.

At that rate they estimate it will take six, to ten years to complete the monumental task.

They advised me to continue ordering films in the meantime.

They could not tell me if Mexican records were already digitized, or where in the line they might be.

Ernie (or ayone else):

Do you have any idea where we can see the digitized records that they have already put online?

Hi All,

I'm a little late in trying to catch up with what is
going on at Nuestros Ranchos. I just came across this
e-mail sent by Ernie in regards to the digitized
records that are now on-line. How are they accessed?
Will they be available on the Family Search website?
Thank you!


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