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Hotels in SLC

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By josiett - Posted on 27 April 2006

I found this article today regarding the hotel situation in SLC. Note in
paragraph 4 that they mention the Plaza Hotel which is now owned by the LDS
Church. It was previously known as the "Best Western Plaza at Temple
Square" and is right next door to the library.



"Genealogists traveling to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City will
now have one less hotel to choose from. The lowest-priced hotel in the area,
the Travelodge Salt Lake City Temple Square, apparently will close.

An article in a recent issue of the Salt Lake Tribune describes recent
statements by LDS Church Presiding Bishop H. David Burton concerning the
Church's efforts at changing the area around the Church's headquarters.

The article states that "the church may add more student housing at a motel
it owns west of its Conference Center." This apparently is a reference to
the Travelodge Salt Lake City Temple Square at 144 West North Temple St.
That hotel has been well-known amongst genealogists as being the
lowest-priced hotel in the area, although readers of this newsletter gave it
a "thumbs down" in a recent survey. See my article on "Where to Stay in Salt
Lake City" at

An announcement some months ago stated that the LDS Business College will
relocate to the church-owned Triad Center in September with up to 1,500
students. (See
for details.) Female students will be housed in one-third of the church's
Plaza Hotel at Temple Square, 122 W. South Temple. That location is next
door to the Family History Library and is very popular with out-of-town
genealogists. Although one-third of the hotel is being converted to student
housing, the rest of the rooms will remain a hotel.

Bishop H. David Burton also stated that the church remains committed to
building condos or apartments in the area.

You can read the entire article at "


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