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Rincon de Romos, Aguascalientes

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By meef98367 - Posted on 27 April 2006


I too have recently traced some of my husband's ancestors (some Esparzas too) to Rincon de Romos:

Maria Francisca Reyes Roman, baptized 06 APR 1782, San Jose de Gracia, Rincon de Romos
Maria Maxima Duron Reyes, baptized 1792 Puerto Del Marquez, Aguascalientes
Maria Olaya Duron Reyes, baptized 1787 Pabellon, Rincon de Romos
Maria Vicenta Duron Reyes, baptized 13 APR 1785 San Jose De Gracia, Rincon de Romos
Petra Paula Reyes Roman, baptized 1784, San Jose de Gracia, Rincon de Romos
Maria Josepha Duron Reyes, baptized 04 MAY 1775, San Jose de Gracia, Rincon de Romos
Felis Antonio Duron Esparsa, baptized 27 FEB 1748, El Sagrario, Aguascalientes
Joseph Jasinto Duron Esparsa, baptized 25 SEP 1746, El Sagrario, Aguascalientes
Augustina Duron Abalos, baptized 25 NOV 1715, El Sagrario, Aguascalientes
Patricio Martin/Maria Maxima Duron Reyes, married 12 FEB 1814, Pabellon, Rincon de Romos
Felis Duron/Maria Josepha Reyes Roman, married 17 JAN 1773, San Jose de Gracia, Rincon de Romos
Franco. Duron/Maria Secilia Esparza, married 04 OCT 1745, El Sagrario, Aguascalientes

I had ordered the films for Aguascalientes (for $5.95 each) and was waiting for them when they told me that my FHC here in town would be closing up at the end of this month, and orders cancelled and films being held on loan will have to be sent back. I checked out another FHC in a nearby town which will charge me $6.00 each and told me they don't have room to keep films longer than four weeks. I too was anxious to start my research in Aguascalientes, but I will have to wait. There is also now the matter of the cost of gas to drive out of town.

I think I have seen that Aguascalientes website that Ernie Alderete (NathanJones) was talking about. There is also another that has pictures of the Colonial buildings including Pabellon


When I went with my parents to Mexico in the early 1960s, I remember passing through Aquascalientes on the way to Jerez, and I remember thinking it was a pretty town with several colonial buildings.

Emilie Garcia
Port Orchard, WA ---


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