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By Visitor - Posted on 26 April 2006

I was absent for the last month due to personal issues, but after a while i'back!

Last week I'd gone to the Family History Center here in Montpellier but unfortunately it isn't ready yet, they are trying to install all the programs and told me to come back in two or three more months, this is so sad because now I have time and I cannot search anything :(

In the other hand I have a question, the woman there told me that I have to request the film and it would take 1 month or so in arrive to France, then I have 3 months for consulting it, of course only the days they can (3 days a week), perhaps I got something wrong, but I tought that I'd have the film here for does it work?

Thank you and greetings from France!!



I have heard that films take a while to arrive outside the U.S. That is unfortunate. As far as how long they keep the film, it depends on how much space there is at the family history center and how long you extend it. If the center has room to keep the film and you extend it two times (by paying additional fees), they will ususally put it on indefinite loan, which means that until they run out of room or for some reason they need the film back in Salt Lake City, it will remain at your local family history center.

That is great to hear that you will start looking at films. It is very exciting to see the names of your ancestors in those olf documents, even if it is only a reproduction of them. One of these days I plan to go see the originals. I have tried before but failed.

What areas are you researching again? I cannot tell from your profile. Do you mind filling it in so we can get an idea of where and whom you are resarching?

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