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Good Cause Book Sale: Microfilming Project

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By makas_nc - Posted on 20 April 2006

here is a message from Susanna that she wanted me to approve first. I
wholeheartedly support this kind of fund raising:


I just talked on the phone with Samuel Sanchez Garcia. He told me that his
group (Sociedad Genealogica del Norte de Mexico) is trying to collect funds
for a microfilming project for the North of Mexico. For that reason, they
reached an agreement with PORRUA EDITORES to sell previously out-of-print
books, or limited edition history books on their website. The books appear
in their website:

All of them are very interesting for a genealogist. They are history
books for all Mexico. The prices are 20 dollars each book. They are
selling several items on their website, but he told me that if you really
want to help to buy books because a 100% of the money collected from the
sale of these history books goes to the microfilming project. They will
let us know when their goal has been met. Some of the books are for

1. Historia de las divisiones territoriales de Mexico
2. Historia de los Indios de la Nueva Espana
3. Historia Antigua de Mexico

Their website again is:

He told me that they were having some technical problems with some of the
links but by tomorrow everyone can buy books. You can look at the catalog

I thought you were the ideal person to formally invite all the members of
our group to look at their website. If these books are of interest then a
double benefit of historical information and making more information
available in the future is served.


Tu prima Susana Leniski


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