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Are You Getting Emails of Postings?

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By arturoramos - Posted on 05 April 2006

We know that nearly all of the old Ranchos members made it over to the new site by logging in at least once since the site was launched.

However, there is a large number of people who are not signed up for the mailing lists. Joseph did the first step of the process for a number of people when he moved their files over from the old site. However, in order for the mailing list sign-up process to be completed, the person signing up MUST reply to the confirmation e-mails that she or he receives.

Some of you have changed your settings to "no mail" and so there is a reason why you are not getting emails. Anybody else who is not receiving the forum postings or digests of the postings, please go back and find the emails that you received and reply to EACH of them seperately. If you cannot find them follow these steps:
(1) Click on "mailing lists" on the right-hand menu
(2) Unsubscribe yourself from all three lists
(3) Click "Submit"
(4) Click on "mailing lists" on the right-hand menu again
(5) Resubscribed yourself to the lists and click "Submit"
(6) Look for emails that will arrive to your email address in a few minutes
(7) Simply reply to each of these emails, without adding any text

For more detailed instructions with pictures, you can read through the relevant parts of the Nuestros Ranchos Users Guide found in the Reference Materials section of the Files.

Hi, I'm not getting any emails to any postings. I'm pretty sure I've subscribed correctly. Can someone please check for me, I've missed my messages that I enjoy getting everyday!

Carol (feeling lost)

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