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Add Your Films on Nuestros Ranchos

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By arturoramos - Posted on 03 April 2006

As some of you have noticed, one of the new functionalities of the new Nuestros Ranchos site is the films database. The database allows you to search the IGI and VRI indices on simply by finding the name of the relevant municipality and the relavant dates. The database also has information on films that members have on permanent loan at their local Family History Centers.

Currently there are nearly 450 films in the database. Ideally, we would like to have all of the films from our region which are indexed on the database. For any of you who use often and have figured out what the batch numbers are for your relevant municipalities, please take the time to share the information for the group by putting the information into the database if it is not there yet.

The database can also now be edited, which means that if a film is already listed, but is listed with incorrect dates or batch numbers you can correct the errors. You can also add your name to the list of borrowers if you have a listed film on indefinite loan at your local FHC.

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems using the database.



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